#UKIndieNAC Favourite Movie

Hi all.

I’m loving the prompts on the UK Indie Nail art challenge this month!

For anyone that has read my blogs or knows me personally, my favourite movie is a given. A real old fashioned Disney classic.

The Little Mermaid!

I can’t decide if its the songs, Ariel’s jaw dropping voice (provided by Jodi Benson) or the story of a girl aching to break free and live another life. Plus Eric, the handsome Prince, is the original tall, dark and handsome Prince of my dreams. Also Ursula is the sassiest sexiest baddie so far!

I think ultimately I love it because my soul longs to be near the sea. I literally feel more human when I’m next to crashing waves. Its my inner mermaid talking.

So for the prompt of favourite movie I knew I wanted something to do with The Little Mermaid movie but nowadays you cant move for mermaid designs. I’ve done quiet a few myself and I fancied a change. Something darker. Something less mermaid and more Evil Sea Witch.

I knew I had to pay homage to my favourite Disney villain Ursula.

Here is what I came up with.


Danglefoot Polish – Scream Queen


I managed to fit in 3 amazing UK indies into this design, one of which I have had for such a long time I was desperate to re-use it.

So to start it all off on my pointer and ring finger I used Danglefoot Nail Polish Scream Queen, as seen above. This needed 2 good coats. I had forgotten how sparkly and beautiful this shade is. It’s packed full of purple glitter and of course it has a holographic edge to it. I had a moment of wanting to stop all work and just paint it on all my nails. It just so pretty!

On my middle finger I used 2 thin coats of Essence #37 Serendipity.


Essence – #37 Serendipity


Its a lovely pale lilac shade which only cost me £1.99! It’s a bargain basement brand but they still make great polish. I used this shade to create the pale, almost grey tone for Ursula’s skin.

And finally on my little finger I used 2 layers of Snow from Danglefoot Nail Polish. I have previously reviewed this polish, which you can find here. Its a subtle sparkly white with teeny flecks of green in there. It made the perfect base for a scale design.

Once all the base polish had dried I began to create the tentacle decals.

For this I used Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish, Bundle Monster stamping plate BM XL25 and Bundle Monster Monocle stamping set. I managed to get a great clean pick up of the image onto the stamper.

Then using a Twinkled T nail art brush I began to fill in the details using Essence #37 Serendipity. Once the decal had dried I added a layer of top coat to seal the design. Once this had all dried I peeled it off the stamper head using an orange stick and placed onto the nail in the desired position. Using a small scalpel I then shaped the decal to my nail, pushed it down to seal the edges and top coated it all into place.

To add the scale detail onto my little finger I found the perfect scale image on the Uberchic Mermaid Love plate. I knew I wanted the scales to be a deep purple and I had the perfect Indie polish for it.

A long time ago I bought 5 polishes from a lady, who since has become one of my closest nail sisters. Lea Ling, creator of Charming Tale polish and now Sparklea Polish. Within the collection I bought from Lea is a stunning deep purple called The Queen.


Charming Tale – The Queen

I wasn’t sure it would stamp. I had a sinking feeling it wouldn’t. I applied it on the plate, scraped and hoped to get a half decent image. However when I lifted the stamp to check it out I was impressed. It had created the perfect stamp, not missing any details at all. Clearly Lea knew what she was doing when she made these beauties!

For the middle finger I hand painted the sweetheart dress line and the black necklace using a Twinkled T brush and Barry M Black Forest. I then used a small blob of nail glue onto the necklace to add the seashell charm. This gold charm came as part of the Splash! Meebox which I reviewed here.

Finally once all the nails were dry I then added a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl topcoat. Using this I added small gold pearls on my little finger.



Overall I love this design!

I wanted a darker edge on a typical mermaid mani and I think I cracked it. I love the purples in this design, especially Scream Queen. The glittery background just adds a lovely depth to the design which you see in certain lights. I am so pleased with how easily it all came together too.

I’m sure Ursula herself would love them!

Thanks so much for reading!

If you would like to take part in the #UKIndieNAC, simply take a look at the Instagram page and follow the simple rules. You can view that here.

Kat x






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