Mani Swap with @lynsnailart

Hi all.

I’ve been a follower of Lyn aka @lynsnailart for a while. I’ve also had the great privilege of swatching for her Indie Polish brand Nail Pop Polish.

Lyn is well known for her gorgeous long nails that she always paints bright and beautiful. I’ve seen some amazing designs she has created and she always inspires me.

Recently she hit a blank and her nail mojo dried up. I think all of us have had this moment. I know I have. She wanted to step out of her comfort zone and create something new. So she came up with the idea of a mani swap.

Of course I wanted in on it!

I found a design of hers I wanted to recreate and got to work.

Lyn’s original mani I recreated was this pale pink and blue gradient base with black stamping over the top.

Image credit @lynsnailart

I loved the pink and blue gradient base, and even though Lyn’s is very pale I had an urge to use my Pretty Serious Pet Names pastels.


Pretty Serious Doodle Bug

To create this I used Doodle Bug (blue) and Fluffy Kins (pink) to create a gradient for the base. These polishes are bloody amazing, and they blend so well when worked in. This is 2 good layers using the sponge on method.

I then topped it all with a layer of Glisten and Glows HK Girl topcoat whilst I set out my stamping equipment.

For this design I used my fail safe set up. Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish, Bundle Monster’s Monocle stamping set and Uberchic plates. This design is from stamping plate 1-02.

Once all the nails had been decorated I then used a dotting tool which I dipped in a little water to pick up the crystals and affixed using topcoat.

To finish it off I used another layer of HK Girl topcoat.

I love how this design came out. It felt completely inappropriate colours to use for this time of year but I enjoyed the flash of colour. Sod the weather and the dark shades, lets get some pastels and neons on our nails!


Lyn created one of my very first hand painted designs. A sunset coloured gradient base with leopard spots detail.

Seeing my original photo made me cringe. I’ve been doing my nails for 3 years and I’m pleased to say I have improved MASSIVELY! I never used to clean my cuticles, my hand painting has got miles better and the general shape and care of my nails is miles better.

Here’s the originals next to the recreations.



Even though I now really dislike looking at my original design I feel like Lyn has done a beautiful recreation. Her gradient is spot on and the leopard print is flawless.

If you don’t already follow Lyn or know of her nail polish brand, please click here to check out her social media account which also links to her etsy shop.

Thanks for the opportunity Lyn!

Thanks for reading everyone.

Kat x


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