#UKIndieNAC Flowers and Polka Dots

Hi all.

So one of my beloved nail besties, the gorgeous Lea Ling aka @leasnails, decided to create a weekly nail art challenge all themed around her love for UK Indies.

The premise is simple, using the theme suggested create a design using at least one UK Indie polish.

For me this challenge seems like a great idea as a way to promote our favourite UK brands.

There are so many new ladies out there now, all creating amazing products,

This weeks theme was Flowers and Polka Dots.

And without a doubt I had to use some of Danglefoot polishes!

Here is what I came up with,


Danglefoot Nail Polish – Higitus Figitus


I imagined a 50’s style polka dot with grungy roses over the top. Did I achieve it? I’m not sure! However I do love how the design turned out.

To create this design I started with 2 thin coats of Higitus Figitus from my beloved Danglefoot. This is a beautiful true black holographic polish, that in direct light sparkles for days.

To this base I added the white Polka dots, creating using a dotting tool and Primark PS polish in Optic.


PS Nail Polish – Optic


Using the dotting tool is a very time consuming way of doing a polka dot design however I do tend to find it a better way of creating a more shabby chic look. There are a few stamping plates that have a polka design on for those who want it done quicker.

Whilst the polka dots were drying I began to work on my reverse stamp decals. For these I used Mundo De Unas Black stamping polish, Bundle Monsters Monocle Stamper set and Uberchic plate 1-02.


Mundo De Unas – Black Stamping polish


Using the monocle stamper, I picked up my desired image and began to fill it in with colour.

After recently swatching the Danglefoot Adventure Time collection; I knew I wanted to incorporate Flame Princess into this design. Using a Twinkled T nail art brush and copious amounts of Flame Princess I filled in the rose decal. I then added a layer of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl top coat to the decal. Then using an orange stick I slowly peeled off the decal and positioned against the nail in my desired location.

I trimmed the decal to shape and pressed down firmly to affix it to the nail.

I then spent some time deciding on whether to keep the shiny top coat or should I add a matte top coat. I always forget about matte topcoat. It’s one of those things I have out all the time but always settle for the super shiny top coat look instead. However after seeing some amazing matte designs from another of my nail besties Abigail aka @polisheddreams_ I decided todays design should be matte.

For this I used Freckles ‘You Make Me So Matte’ Top coat.


Freckles Polish – You Make Me So Matte



Overall I really like how the design came out. It does look a little biker chic in my opinion rather than the 50’s style I wanted but it still works. Its a really pretty design. It did take longer than I expected it to with the polka dots placement but its still a really easy way of adding more to a design.

For anyone hoping to join in with the challenge simply search @UKindieNAC on Instagram, follow the prompts and post using the hashtag #UKindieNAC. Easy!

Thanks Lea for taking the time to create this challenge!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog!

Kat x






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