The Euston Collection 2.0

Hi all.

When The original Euston collection went on sale I was awed by the great response I received. Every single person who saw them had such kind words to say. I saw so many people wearing my collection and it was lovely watching you all create beautiful nail art using them.

When Kat, the owner and creator of Ard as Nails asked if I would be interested in co-creating another 5 polishes to add to the Euston collection; my response was obvious!

The first collection contained 5 polishes all named for places I had been whilst travelling with my husband. I wanted this collection to reflect the places we hope to go in the next 5 years of our marriage.

The Euston Collection 2.0 contains 5 beautiful metallic polishes.


Here there are! Aren’t they beautiful?

So up first from the collection is Sugar Loaf Mountain.


Ard as Nails – Sugarloaf Mountain


Sugarloaf Mountain is a natural landmark overlooking Rio de Janeiro that sits at the entrance to Guanabara Bay in south eastern Brazil. Its one of the beautiful peaks that you can see standing beneath the Christ the Redeemer statue. I have always dreamed of going to Brazil so this was an easy choice.

Sugarloaf Mountain is a deep plum with silver metallic tones. This is a solid one coater that paints on really well. The metallic pigment in it gives it a lovely silvery shine and it does catch the light beautifully.


Next in the collection is Aztec Gold.


Ard as Nails – Aztec Gold

Ancient tribal history has always fascinated me. There were many different tribes in all different places but the one I studied the most as a child was the Aztecs. The Aztecs travelled far and wide but their main citadel was Tenochtitlan, which is located on an island in Lake Texcoco in The Valley of Mexico.

Aztec Gold is a gold metallic polish which will look beautiful in all seasons. This is another one coater but I did use 2 in the above photo to achieve a more solid gold colour.

Next from the collection is Barrier Reef.


Ard as Nails – Barrier Reef


Being part mermaid I have always had a deep interest in anything water based. I’ve had some wonderful scuba diving trips in which I saw all the marine life up close. However I feel the only way I could honestly see marine life at its finest is to observe the Great Barrier Reef. Located off the coast of Queensland in Northern Australia, this turquoise sea contains the most beautiful and unusual species of aquatic life.

Barrier Reef is a beautiful turquoise blue that looks as deep as an ocean. The depth and shine to this polish is immense and I whole heartedly love it. It is the perfect mermaid shade for any of my scaled sisters out there! Also the metallic finish is so sparkly, just like the ocean itself.

This is 2 thin coats with no top coat.

Next from the collection is Geisha Girl.


Ard as Nails – Geisha Girl

In Japanese history the rise of the Geisha was palpable. They were idolised as the most beautiful women in Japan and many lived out there lives performing for their male fans. The word ‘Geisha’ translates to literally mean ‘performing artist’.

I have always wanted to explore Japan and study its long running ways of tradition.

When I imagine a Geisha I see her holding a Cherry Blossom flower, so the soft pink shade had to named Geisha Girl.

This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. The shade is so soft and serene but then in certain lights the sparkle is insane. A wonderful polish that would look beautiful in any floral design.

Lastly from the collection we have Liberty Island,


Ard as Nails – Liberty Island


There can’t be many people out there who don’t want to visit America. It’s one of those places that is filled with beautiful tourist spots and locations you should see before you kick the proverbial bucket.

I’ve wanted to see the Statue of Liberty since I was a little girl. I would love to visit her crown and gaze over New York. The statue is made of copper which over time has oxidised and become a green colour. However at night, the statue is said to have a lilac hint to her. Thus the name Liberty Island.

This soft lilac shade is almost silver at the right angle. Its so delicate and soft. This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. The polish formula is really easy to work with. This is a lovely shade for the ladies who like softer shades.


Personally, I adore every single one from the collection. But of course I will. I helped create them!

For all the people who bought my first collaboration collection, I thank you.

For those who have bought or will be buying this collection, thank you again.

Creating this collection has been an amazing experience and I once again cannot thank Kat enough for giving me the opportunity.

I hope you love them all!

To purchase this collection or any of Ard as Nails polishes click here.

Also if you don’t already go give @ArdasNailsUK a follow. She makes amazing polishes as well as bath and beauty products. Kat is a real sweetheart Indie maker who does the whole lot by herself and deserves all the custom in the world!

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x






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