Model’s Own Holochrome collection

Hi all!

Recently Model’s Own had a huge new release. This release was across all of their beauty products, a whole new range of beautiful goodies to explore. For me, there was only one section I was interested in.. Nail Polish!


Models Own – Holochrome Collection


The Holochrome collection is 5 duo chrome polishes with the aim of providing more than one colour on the nail at any given time. The whole collection aims to give a bright chrome shade with a pearlescent finish with intense shine. With the use of the word ‘Holo’ I immediately hoped for a holographic finish.

Holographic polish is the brightest shine you can achieve. Normally these polishes are one colour and have an essence of glitter to them. So I was madly excited at the possibility of holographic chrome polishes!

I managed to grab the whole collection in the recent 6 for £20 offer and couldn’t wait to have a play.


Sadly this collection isn’t holographic. Not even remotely holographic. It definitely has a good shine and a pearlescent finish but this is 100% not holographic. To give a comparison, this is a standard holographic polish.

Danglefoot Polish – Higitus Figitius

In a holographic polish you will always have a good splash of glitter. There are 2 different ways of creating the holographic effect. Linear or scattered holographic. These polishes will have a rainbow effect when hit with light. The rainbow will either appear in a circle like shape as you move in the light or an all over shine. The shape of the shine is the difference between linear and scattered.

As you can see from the Model’s Own swatches, that is neither linear nor scattered holographic polish.

For anyone who is a part of the nail community the use of the word holo suggested this collection would be holographic, and I feel that there will be many people out there thinking of purchasing this due to the holographic element. So I’m disappointed to be let down by a brand I normally adore. Check your wording Model’s Own!

However these polishes are pretty good chromes and are duo chromes so I will review it on that fact alone.

So first up we have Nacreous,


Models Own – Nacreous


This purple toned polish has a hint of yellow and bronze in certain lights, however it was hard to capture in a single still photo. Purple will always be one of my favourite colours to wear as a polish so I was really pleased there was a purple in the collection. This is 2 thin coats with no black as a base. I was really glad these polishes are stand alone duo chromes. Certain duo chromes only work well with a black base polish. This can get time consuming and messy. The formula is really good and not at all watery which is another problem with certain duo chromes.

This is a very pretty purple with great formula.

Next up we have Irised,


Models Own – Irised

Irisied is a deep red bronze colour with gold and green tones in certain light. This colour is not at all me and I didn’t really enjoy wearing it. I feel the warmth of the bronze washes my flesh tone out and the other colours you see also aren’t that loveable. This is also 2 coats with not black base. Its a really shiny polish with a nice finish but just not my colour at all.

Next up there’s Prismatic,


Models Own – Prismatic

Prismatic is a stunning gold polish with green tones. I really like the base gold colour. Its a really regal gold rather than your average brassy yellow gold. The perfect shade for the coming party season. Sadly I don’t really like the green tones to it. I’ve seen some amazing gold duo chromes that will change to reds, purples and blues but this shade of olive green just isn’t for me. I think this would look lovely as the base for a Christmas themed design!

Next there’s Chameleon,


Models Own – Chameleon

Chameleon is a silvery toned green polish with hints of blue in certain lights. I was sure I would hate this one; what with it being a green polish. However the duo chrome element saves it. In the right light it is a lovely pale silver blue shade which I really like. This is 2 coats with no top coat or base of black. The formula is spot on and the brush, as with all Models Own polish was a good shape and size. I do hope to wear this again over the festive season. It a great way to liven up any Christmas tree design.

Lastly we have Polychromatic,


Models Own – Polychromatic

Polychromatic is a gorgeous aqua blue polish with deep sea green tones in certain lights. It’s the perfect mermaid shade; and for anyone who knows me, I am mermaid obsessed. This instantly makes me want to add some fish scales to it and declare I’m mermaid ready! This is 2 thin coats with no base or top coat. A wonderful shade which I have yet to take off!


So that’s it. The whole collection of Holochrome polishes.

Overall I am disappointed with the missing holographic aspect. I was hoping for intense shine and received only a chrome shine. The colours are mostly ok but I did find them all very similar. Each polish is either green, purple, blue or yellow toned. Considering the huge range of colours in the world I was shocked Models Own used the same colours over and over. When you look closer, the green based polish has a blue tone and the blue based polish has a green tone. Its the reverse of each polish. I wanted something to be amazed by and sadly I wasn’t.

Normally on sale for £4.99 each, these polishes are worth it for anyone looking for some basic duo chrome polishes, however they are not worth the investment for the avid collector like myself. There are plenty of other retail brand duo chrome polishes and the indie world is full of them. So I wasn’t pleased with the basic nature of this collection. However considering I paid only £20 for the collection and a Hyper Gel top coat I am pleased with the reduced price I paid.

Hopefully Models Own pull it back with their next releases, as sadly I am unimpressed!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x





To purchase any of the collection please click here to view the Models Own website.











4 thoughts on “Model’s Own Holochrome collection”

  1. I have to say i love MO and have so many colours and styles, so i went shopping tonight and as always stopped off at the MO pop up and bought 4 of these colours and i love them. I have just used the irised and think it’s gorgeous and have to say is 1 of my favourite colours. I love the fact that MO are cruelty free as i only buy cruelty free MO win every time for me, i just have to stay away for a while as i can’t stop and buy just 1 !!😊

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