Danglefoot Polish – Adventure Time Collection

Hi all!

So before the lovely Hayley closed down for her big house move she released a collection based around the characters of Adventure Time.

For anyone not in the know, Adventure Time is a children’s programme which has become a bit of a cult classic due to its weird storylines and zany characters. Anyone with kids under the age of 18 will know about this show, and even though my son is only 3 and doesn’t really watch that much TV; even I have still spent time watching the odd episode. It’s one of those that you watch in disbelief half the time. I’ve seen some really weird episodes but its still a good watch, as long as your not offended by a magical dog and his friend Finn, going on odd adventures.


The Adventure Time collection consists of 6 very different polishes, all themed and named for a character in the show. Hayley has let her imagination run wild with these ones!

First up we have Lumpy Space Princess,

Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess, often referred to as LSP, is one of the 3 main recurring Princess characters in the series. She is the ruling Princess of Lumpy Space.

Hayley’s take on this character is a glitter packed silvery polish.

Danglefoot Polish – Lumpy Space Princess

This textured glitter polish is packed full of beautiful flecks of colour. I can see tiny little flecks of blue, pink and purple mixed in with the gorgeous silver.

Being a glitter polish I used the sponge on method which only required one coat as base and then one layer sponged on. It dries well, especially using the sponge on method. Its very textured due to the glitter consistency of the polish but that doesn’t deduct anything from it in my eyes. It’s a beautiful polish which fits the character theme wonderfully. I will be wearing this again!

Next up we have Marceline,

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline is one of my favourite characters in the programme. She is the daughter of Hunson Abadeer; who rules the Nightosphere. She is half demon/half human and also a vampire. Originally she starts out disliking Finn and Jake but eventually becomes one of their closest friends.

Hayley has used her pale vampire skin for inspiration on this polish,

Danglefoot Polish – Marceline

This polish is a pale toned grey lilac mix. Its such an unusual colour that I originally thought I wouldn’t like the pale tones of it. However once I got it on its so pretty you can’t not like it. This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. It has a lovely silvery base too so its sparkles in the light. It looks very much like the cartoon Marceline and I can totally imagine her wearing this whilst rocking out on her axe guitar.

Next up we have Crazy Ice King,

Crazy Ice King

Crazy Ice King is often portrayed as the main antagonist in the series. He rules the Ice Kingdom as his title suggests, and is also crazy. He spends most of his time kidnapping princess’s and forcing them to marry him, until Finn and Jake foil his plan and save the day. He tends to be the weirdest one on the show.

Hayley has created a stunning navy jelly polish for this one,

Danglefoot Polish – Crazy Ice King

This is 2 thin coats and being a jelly based polish it is still reasonably transparent. This helps you to see the gold, bronze and green flakies contained in the polish. Inspired by the transparency of ice and the King’s gold crown this polish is exactly how I imagine it should be. It’s the perfect polish for a pond manicure!

Next up there’s Flame Princess,

Flame Princess

Also known as Phoebe, this fiery tempestuous character is Flame Princess. The Princess and ruler of the Fire Kingdom who at one point was Finn’s girlfriend. She has a love hate relationship with Finn and spends a lot of time feeling hurt due to their break up. She is a great character, portraying the way most women feel when scorned!

Hayley has used her fiery orange colours for inspiration for this one,

Danglefoot Polish – Flame Princess

This fiery hot red polish is so stunning! The glitter adds a nice sparkle to an already fabulous polish. It’s a lovely change to the plain letterbox red I usually wear on my nails. This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. It dries well and paints on easily. This is a great polish for all skin tones too. Any Flame Princess would feel proud to wear it!

Next up there’s Princess Bubblegum,

Princess Bubblegum

Also referred to a Peebles, Princess Bubblegum is the main recurring Princess in the show. She has an odd relationship with Finn due to a previous crush he had on her; yet they remain good friends and she often helps them in their adventures. She rules over the Candy Kingdom which is filled with all your favourite sweet treats.

Hayley created a stunning thermal polish for this one,

This polish is one of my all time favourites Hayley has ever made! I love a good thermal polish at any time but the colours of this one is what makes it my favourite. Deep purple in its cold state and bright pink in its warm state, filled with silver glitter. What’s not to love? A thermal polish always brings out my inner scientist and I love playing around seeing how the colours change. This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. I have worn it again and again already and I will continue to wear it regularly.

Lastly we have Lady Rainicorn,

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is a female Rainicorn who is Princess Bubblegum’s loyal stead. She is also Jake the dog’s partner and mother to his 5 rainbow puppies (I told you this show was odd!) Normally she only speaks in Korean unless she is fitted with her ‘translating device’.

Hayley has used the beautiful rainbow colour of Lady Rainicorn for inspiration for this polish,

Danglefoot Polish – Lady Rainicorn

This polish is jam packed with lots of little coloured specks. Its like a confetti explosion on the nails! To apply this I used the sponge on method once again and it only required a base layer and one sponge layer. This shows the polish without topcoat, and as you would imagine its very textured. When I applied top coat it still has a textured feel to it. I don’t tend to enjoy textured polish too often but this is so different to anything else I own I love it. It will make an amazing base for nail art or using a dotting tool to take out the different flecks to create other designs. This is a great textured polish!

So that’s it. The whole Adventure Time Collection from Danglefoot Polish. Due to Hayley taking a break from making polish this collection was only made in limited quantities. However she hopes to re-release them once she re-opens this month. Keep your eyes peeled on my social media accounts for the official opening date and grab the whole collection then!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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