Whovian Indie Box review

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Danglefoot Polish is almost back to work!

This is not a drill people! This is not a drill!

Prepare for bank accounts emptying, husbands despairing at how much polish their partner’s have purchased and overall nail polish madness!


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In preparation for her grand reopening in November 2016 (official date to be confirmed) Hayley decided to put together another of her famous Indie Maker boxes.

It’s a great idea for anyone who loves their UK indies.

Hayley comes up with a theme for the box and then asks a few other UK Indies to come up with an original creation for this theme too. The last few boxes have had brands such as Ard as Nails, Freckles Polish and Luna Loves Lacquer in them.


This box, for anyone who isn’t sure what Whovian means, is themed around the cult classic that is Doctor Who. The goodies are all named around aspects of Doctor Who. I’ve never really been that into Doctor Who but the Whovian fandom is actually rather large. Plenty of my friends love the show and have watched every series there is. I also have a special friend who was so obsessed with the Doctor, she travelled to her wedding in one of the cars featured in the show.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of Dr Who, I am a huge fan of UK Indies so of course I purchased this box.

The Doctor will see you now…

First up from the Whovian box is Bad Wolf Bay by Sparklea Nail Polish,


Bad Wolf Bay – Sparklea Nail Polish

The term Bad Wolf is in reference to a series of episodes in which Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, has to find a way to save the Doctor after a message from The Bad Wolf alerts her of his distress.

Sparklea Nail Polish is a brand new Indie which is run by another of my beautiful friends Leanne Ling aka @leasnails. Originally Lea made polish under the name Charming Tale Nails but due to life changes she decided to walk away from this brand. Now she is back with a fresh new outlook and she is making polish again!

This gorgeous rose gold coloured polish isn’t a shade I would normally purchase. Mostly because it comes close to a few nudes I already own and I struggle to find darker nudes that suit me. However once I had this on I could see all the tiny glitters inside it which make it more than your average nude colour.

This is 2 coats and no top coat. It painted on wonderfully and was dry reasonably quick too. The formula was creamy and easy to work with.

Lea has always made fab polish so this was no surprise! I’m just glad she is back out there making polish again.


Next up we have Gallifrey Lost? by Danglefoot Nail Polish,


Gallifrey Lost? – Danglefoot Nail Polish


Gallifrey Lost? is a reference to the Doctor’s home planet. Gallifrey was under threat so was frozen to protect it. Then it was suggested the whole planet was moved to ‘the end of the universe, give or take a star.’ However the Doctor does not know the location of the planet and has spent years searching for it.

You should all know by now I love Danglefoot polish. There isn’t much more I can say about it other than I cannot wait for her to come back.

This is 2 coats with no top coat.


Next up we have Would You Like A Jelly Baby? by Freckles Polish,


Would You Like A Jelly Baby? – Freckles Polish


Jelly Babies are a popular brand of jelly sweets sold in the UK. They have always been a part of the Doctor Who series in small references but are most well known for the moments when the Doctor, played by Tom Baker, has offered a Jelly Baby to his companion at the time.

Freckles Polish aka @welshforhill is a brand I have loved for a while now. I have a few of her creations and was lucky enough to win a competition she held.

Would You Like A Jelly Baby is a gelly based nail polish filled with golden flakes. It is a stunning merlot shade that I fell in love with instantly.

This is 2 coats with no top coat. It does need a little time in between each coat due to the gelly texture of the polish. However it is well worth the wait. I really love this polish and I haven’t managed to take it off yet!


The last polish in the box was It’s Bigger On The Inside by Princess Nail Lacquer,


It’s Bigger On The Inside – Princess Nail Lacquer


It’s Bigger On The Inside is a common phrase said by the Doctor’s companions. It references to the TARDIS. The TARDIS is the time machine and spacecraft that the Doctor travels in. On the outside it is just a simple Police box but on the inside it is a huge expanse of rooms and chambers.

Princess Nail Lacquer aka @princessnaillacquer, is a newer Indie brand I have watched grow into a huge brand. She has created many Disney themed polishes which people adore and has now began expanded her lines with tons of new goodies. For some reason I have never actually purchased any of her polishes (stupid right?!) so I was glad to finally have one to play with.

It’s Bigger On The Inside is a blue holographic glitter polish. This is 3 thin coats painted on but when I used the sponge method it was only 2. Its a lovely blue colour that is very similar to the Tardis blue.

Being a glitter polish, it dried well but does need thinner coats to avoid pulling up the previous layers. It also dried so shiny I didn’t feel it needed a top coat but when I did add one it became even more sparkly.

This polish has made me regret not buying from Princess Nail Lacquer sooner so I shall be grabbing some of her other goodies soon.


Also in this box was a limited edition version of Sparklea’s Lea-Tex called Exterminate! and a Danglefoot manicure bomb called Fish Fingers and Custard.


Liquid Latex, or as its known here Liquid Lea-Tex is a product you would use as either a cuticle protector during nail art or as a base to remove polish quicker. It’s called Exterminate! after the infamous catchphrase of the Doctor’s greatest nemesis, The Daleks.

Its a really pretty gold colour with little teeny sparkles in which peels off smoothly and makes nail art clean up easier. As far as I’m aware Lea will be selling a version of this when she opens in January!

The mani crumbles are called Fish Fingers and Custard. This is in reference to the meal the Doctor requested after his 11th regeneration.

Manicure crumbles are a product that you would insert into water, much like a bath bomb, that would help to keep the nail bed and cuticles well hydrated and cared for. It has a beautiful smell, unlike the suggested Fish Fingers and Custard name! Hayley has also said she may be selling these once she reopens in November.


So that’s it!

This box was packed full of awesome goodies which any well respected Whovian fan would be proud to own. The indie ladies did a wonderful job with this box. It was a great way of experiencing some brands I hadn’t yet used and its always a pleasure supporting my favourite girls.

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x


To purchase from any of the brands mentioned above please use their links below,

Sparklea Nail Polish

Princess Nail Lacquer

Danglefoot Nail Polish (official opening date and website as yet unconfirmed)

Freckles Polish





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