Barry M Black Forest Gelly Hi Shine

Hi all.

So in my recent posts about the A/W 16 Barry M releases I mentioned that they had finally added a black polish to the Gelly Hi Shine range. It’s been a long awaited addition.

Barry M thoroughly teased us with the release of the almost black shades such as Black Grape, Black Pistachio, Black Cherry and Black Currant. All 4 of these polishes are so dark they are almost black but are all just very dark shades of other colours.

And so we waited.

Then it was finally announced Black Forest would be joining the collection and trust me, its black!

Here’s the swatch,


Barry M – Black Forest



As you can see, it is 100% a black polish.

This is 2 thin coats, so sadly it wasn’t the one coater black I dreamed of. It does apply really well.

As with all the Gelly Hi Shine range it is a beautiful polish. The formula is spot on.

I cannot get over how wonderfully shiny it is. The above photo is just 2 coats of the polish. No top coat. Look how intensely shiny it is! That is a huge selling point for me.

Also, it’s £3.99. You cannot go wrong with a polish that looks this good and costs that little. I will happily wear this polish again and again.

Although it took them a long time to hear our pleas for a black gelly, Barry M have created the perfect black polish. Exactly we need for the impending Halloween festivities!

Will I be buying it again?

When this one runs out, yes. It’s my new go to black; knocking O.P.I Lady In Black off the top spot.

As usual, Barry M know their stuff and make a fabulous polish!

Thanks for reading

Kat x


To purchase this polish directly from the Barry M website click here.



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