Barry M Limited Edition Superdrug and Boots Exclusives

Hi all,

As I had previously mentioned I managed to get my hands on the 4 new limited edition Barry M Autumn 16 releases.

All 4 are metallic polishes, which is great with all the metallic trends currently being paraded down the catwalks. It’s also perfect for the coming party season. Everyone loves a hint of glitter on their nails in the festive season.

To make it a little more interesting when trying to get hold of these polishes they were separated in to 2 different shops; Superdrug and Boots. Both stocking 2 shades each from the 4 polish collection.

Boots had Snowflake and Enchanted whilst Superdrug had Twinkle Twinkle and Nutcracker.


I do really love a good metallic polish so I had high hopes for these. However I did notice and instant similarity to 3 polishes from my very own collaboration collection ‘The Euston Collection’. I will be showing comparison swatches below, with interesting results!

First up we have Snowflake,


Barry M – Snowflake


Snowflake is a shiny silver metallic polish which is opaque in one thick coat. I cannot help but compare it to my own polish Aphrodite’s Kiss from The Euston Collection. Here is the comparison.


You can see almost instantly the shine in Aphrodite’s Kiss is off the scale when compared to Snowflake. Snowflake has a more textured metallic feel to it whilst Aphrodite’s Kiss is a smooth metallic polish. They are both one coaters. Also being metallic they both dry reasonably fast too.

I do like the muted silver of Snowflake, it’s reasonably versatile and is a great buy for only £4.99 but when I have a shiny sparkly silver like Aphrodite’s Kiss as the other option, I’ll be choosing that one!

Next from Boots we have Enchanted,


Barry M – Enchanted



Enchanted is a rusty red brown shade. Filled to the brim with glittery metallic pigment. It paints on really well, not needing the sponge on glitter method. This was 2 coats without top coat. It is a lovely shiny red brown colour which reminds me of the much anticipated Poinsettia plants which bloom around Christmas. Also on sale for £4.99 in Boots, it a great polish to have for the party season tends.


Up next from Superdrug we have Twinkle Twinkle.


Barry M -Twinkle TwinkleUp



Twinkle Twinkle is a soft bronze shade which is as delicate as it is eye catching. It shimmers and catches the light, creating a dusky pink shine. I once again can not help but notice a similarity between this shade and Prima Donna from The Euston Collection. Here is the comparison.



Prima Donna does have a slightly pinker tone to it which you can see above. Whilst Twinkle Twinkle has a soft bronze colour to it. Prima Donna is a once coater where Twinkle Twinkle needed 2. Neither of the photos above are with top coat so they both have a high shine finish.

Twinkle Twinkle is currently for sale in Superdrug for £4.99 whilst Prima Donna is available for either £3.50 for a smaller bottle or £6 for a larger bottle.


Lastly from Superdrug we have Nutcracker,


Barry M – Nutcracker



Nutcracker is a deep red metallic with plum tones. It only needs one coat for perfect coverage and this photo is taken with no flash too. Its a really pretty colour which I really like. Once again I notice how similar it is to one of my Ard as Nails polishes, Turkish Delight. Here is the comparison.



Turkish Delight is a deep red metallic shade which only needs one coat for full coverage. Nutcracker is also a deep red metallic shade which only needs one coat for full coverage.

Similar or what?

They both work well and paint on nicely. Once again being metallic based polishes they both dry reasonably fast and don’t require too much fussing around. The brushes in Barry M bottles are shaped really well which does help with getting the perfect one coat but Turkish Delight isn’t far off. As far as cost, Nutcracker is available in Superdrug for £4.99 whilst Turkish Delight is available for £3.50 or £6. They are both worth the cost so maybe try both and choose your own favourite!

Barry M have created some lovely metallic shades in this Autumn release. I will be using them again in nail art and designs. Boots currently have a deal on certain Barry M polishes too which makes saving your pennies for more polish a little easier!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



To see or purchase any of The Euston Collection please click here.









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