Ard as Nails – The Euston Collection

Hi everyone!

I have made some amazing friends on social media. Mostly bonding over a love of nail art and beautiful polishes. However I’ve met some great UK based Indie makers who create some incredible polishes.

Almost a year ago I had a severe nail break on my thumb. It ripped so badly that where there once was nail I could see raw exposed flesh which bled for days. It was so sore and I found it really hard to know what to do and how to treat it.

Kat Everett, creator of 3 Indie business’s (Ard as Nails nail polish, Soap Dodger bath and beauty goods and The G Man home fragrance) saw my struggle and offered immediately to send me a care package of her organic and vegan friendly goodies from her Soap Dodger line which would help promote growth and heal my wound. I accepted her gracious offer and when it arrived I fell in love with her Hemp Love lotion. It’s a great all rounder lotion for anyone with eczema or skin conditions as well as being great on nails. I used the lotion every 2 days and within 10 days, my wound had healed and I had the beginnings of a small nail again.

Since that very moment I have held Kat in such high regard and I appreciate all her help and advice on any skin or nail condition. She has become a great friend of mine and I am never more pleased when I see a friend succeed in life. So when Kat asked me to help review and work on her polish creations with her; I practically exploded. She creates some amazing things and of course I wanted to help.

After many parcels of polishes to play with and long technical conversations; Kat then decided to offer me another awesome opportunity.

She wanted me to create my very own collection which she would sell on her website!

For anyone who loves polish, being told you can make your own, is like being given the gift you’ve always dreamed of. I couldn’t be more grateful to Kat for giving me a shot and letting my polish crazy brain finally create something of my own!

We decided upon a metallic theme. Weeks of discussion, polish deliveries, swatching and playing around led to a collection of 5 metallic polishes which I can call my own.

So here, after weeks of work, is The Euston Collection!


When it came to naming these gorgeous creations I knew I wanted a travel based theme. So with this in mind I named the polishes after places my wonderful husband and I have visited together.

So here is the big name and swatch reveal!

Firstly we have Aphrodite’s Kiss, named for the year I spent living on ‘Aphrodite’s Isle; more commonly known as Cyprus.

Aphrodite’s Kiss


This amazing high shine silver metallic is Aphrodite’s Kiss. A pretty silver polish which is opaque in one coat. This is without a doubt my favourite EVER silver polish. The metallic pigment is so densely packed it becomes almost mirrored in the light. It is a really lovely polish which works as an great all rounder. Does it stamp? Yes! Does it watermarble? Yes! Does it look amazing? YES!

Next up we have Turkish Delight, named for the holiday we had in Antalya in Turkey.


Turkish Delight



Turkish Delight is a plum red shade which is opaque in one coat. It reminded me of the deep red of a Turkish delight sweet that we ate whilst on holiday there.

Look at the shimmer on that! It’s too beautiful isn’t it?

This is the shade I am most often complimented on. It’s a gorgeous polish, which is made well and dries great too. This is another great all rounder which stamps and will watermarble too.


Our first holiday as couple was in Egypt. This inspired me to name this beauty Queen of The Nile.

Queen Of The Nile


I saw some beautiful art works in Egypt of the queens and goddesses that the Egyptians worshiped in their day. Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Isis were always draped in gold, silk and jewels the size of small fists. The one I remember the most was Cleopatra with a snake sceptre which held a stone that was this exact shade of blue. Hence the name Queen of the Nile.

This blue is your perfect sky blue but its been packed with a shed load of metallic to give it a glittery shine. It’s another one coater (can you see a theme here?) which glides on the nail so perfectly and dries quickly too. I didn’t even want to top coat this shade as its just so nice on its own.


Next up we have Prima Donna, named after the lead female singer in the classic Italian opera La bohème. This was inspired by the wonderful holiday I spent there with my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary.

Prima Donna


This colour wasn’t my favourite on sight, which is odd seeing as I helped make them. However once it was on my nails its so soft and delicate I couldn’t not love it. Again, this is an epic one coater but with two coats it builds the shade a little. It’s the perfect nude shade for those ladies who need clean nails for work.


Lastly we have the gorgeous Je ‘Taime, which translates to ‘I love you’ in English. Named for a romantic weekend in Paris for our 4th wedding anniversary.

Je ‘Taime


Look at that black! It’s such a stunning shade. Even though the Eiffel Tower is copper based in colour, on a night out in Paris I noticed that in the dark its becomes the blackest of blacks with the twinkling lights. This fit the shade perfectly.

This is also a one coater! Kat’s made a whole collection of amazing one coaters!


So there we have it. The full first instalment of The Euston Collection.

Overall I love all of the shades alone and how they work together.

I know your thinking ‘Of course she’s going to give this collection top marks, she helped make it!’ BUT, buy it for yourself and see, these polishes are to die for!

The whole collection is still available on the Soap Dodger website, which you can view here.

Thanks so much for reading, and please go check out my polishes!

Kat x


EDITED: Please excuse the lateness of this post. The collection went live a little while ago and I had programmed this blog to release. However I’ve just realised I entered the wrong date too post! DOH!


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