Barry M Coconut Infusion Autumn 2016 Releases

Hi all,

If your a Barry M fan like myself then you practically wet your pants with glee when they announced the newest additions to their nail polish collection this Autumn.

6 new Autumnal shades have been added to the Coconut Infusion collection, which was one of my favourite collections ever.

4 new metallic limited edition polishes are being sold exclusively at either Boots or Superdrug.

And last but not least a sexy black has been added to the Gelly Hi Shine range and a new Wet Set quick dry topcoat has also been added to the collection.

To say I was impressed is an understatement!

Barry M have picked up on this seasons trends and colours so well.

Autumn is the time when I bring out my berry red lipsticks, black knee high boots and strut like a queen with deep dark shades on my nails.

The colours added to the Coconut Infusion range are perfect for this and I loved them all. Sadly my local Superdrug didn’t have the whole collection but I managed to grab 4 out of the 6.

Barry M Autumn 2016 releases

As with the previous Coconut Infusion release these polishes aim to provide a beautiful creamy polish with a hi shine finish; which not only looks good on you but is good for you also.

Coconut oil and other coconut products have become extremely popular of late. Coconut is one of those foods which can be used for almost everything but it’s best quality is the high moisture content. For anyone who has dry skin, dry hair or chipped and lack lustre nail beds then coconut oil is your goal.

This polish is full of all the goodness you need to keep and maintain the healthy beautiful nails we all desire whilst adding the pop of colour you expect from Barry M polishes. Also they have a slightly coconut based scent too, which for anyone who dislikes the pungent solvent aroma that comes with nail polish; these are a win.

First up in my swatches is Oyster,

Barry M Coconut Infusion – Oyster

I had forgotten how lovely these polishes are! The formula is perfect. It glides on the nails. They are made so well that the polish is creamy and dense enough to only need one good coat; which is something all companies should strive for. The hi shine finish is beyond belief. The above photo is without topcoat! This is literally just my naked nails and 1 coat of the polish.

It’s a gorgeous mink grey colour which when on made my now paler winter skin look a lovely warm shade. I’m not normally a lover of muted neutral colours but this is so pretty I fell in love.

Next up we have Storm,

Barry M Coconut Infusion – Storm

Storm is the perfect name for this shade. I instantly think of the dreary grey sky that Autumn brings to the UK. It’s the colour of a Autumn storm cloud.

Again, this is just 1 coat of polish. The brush has been made into a fan like shape so application is pretty much fool proof. Just a steady hand, brush and poof! Beautiful one coat nails.

This dark grey is lovely and I really like it.

Next up we have Oasis,

Barry M Coconut Infusion – Oasis

This shade reminds me of an over ripe grape that is fit to burst with juice. A dark berry purple shade that once again sits perfectly with the Autumn theme.

Purple has always been one of my favourite colours, especially the more berry toned shades. I love how shiny the slightly darker shades look on my olive skin.

Once again a one coat wonder!

Lastly we have Island Fever,

Barry M Coconut Infusion – Island Fever

If there’s one thing I always love to wear on my nails, its a sultry sexy red. This shade is so deeply red its more ox blood red than post box red.

I instantly fell in love with this shade.

It has hidden depths.

One coat of this polish gives you a lovely warm red shade. Two coats of this polish gives you a deep merlot colour. Three coats creates the sexiest blood red shade I own.

The formula is to die for! Its smooth and creamy but dries to this glossy killer shine.

If you see a sassy woman walking round town with matching red nails and lips, its me. I cannot take this shade off. It is so beautiful I will be wearing it as much as possible. It’s also my go to red now, knocking WAH London Love My Team off the top spot.

Hell yeah Barry M!

This collection is a huge win in my eyes. I love all 4 shades I managed to grab and I’ll be shopping for the other 2 as soon as possible.

If you don’t own any of the Barry M Coconut polish range; which I highly doubt as they are great, the Autumn 2016 release is for you.

Available in most Superdrug and Boots right now for £4.99 each, these are a bargain. A must have for all nail loving lady out there!

Links to purchase this collection will be posted below.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x

To purchase from Superdrug click here.

To purchase from Boots click here.

To purchase direct from Barry M click here.


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