Jack Skellington design

Hi all,

I’ll be honest. As a kid I missed out on the massive phenomenon that is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It wasn’t something I had ever heard of. Then as I grew up people made reference to Jack the Pumpkin King and I began to wonder what I was missing. Even then I still never got round to actually watching it.

I officially watched it for the very first time last year, aged 26!

It was exactly as I had imagined it. The creepiness of a classic Tim Burton movie with a hint of a cutesy Disney feel too it. I loved how strongly Sally fell for Jack in the movie too. It’s the ultimate Halloween couples costume!

So in honour of the movie I recreated a design I have seen lots of times on social media.

Here is what I came up with,


Barry M Cotton



This is all hand painted! You can see there are a few little bits that aren’t perfect and the lines are not 100% straight, BUT I’m so pleased with how these came out. It was a time consuming design but I really like how it looks.

Black and white designs always appeal to me due to the starkness of the colour contrast. This is created using only 2 polishes. Barry M Cotton and Black.

To create the design I started with a thick coat of Barry M Cotton as a base on all my nails. Then using a Twinkled T nail art brush I began to plan out the lines on all nails except the accent. Once I had a guideline of where I wanted to paint I began to fill in the lines and gaps to create the stripes for Jack’s suit.

I used the same technique to paint his face. I just used small brush strokes and kept checking it looked symmetrical.

It took time and a steady hand and a lot of fiddling around. I then topped it with a new Rimmel topcoat I purchased the other day.

At this point I noticed smudges and smears appearing on the nail art. I was not pleased to say the least!


Barry M Black



After taking the photos I had a play around and managed to rectify most of the damage but it was still a shame it happened in the first place. It’s not the best top coat in the world but I will be using it for normal nail paint and swatches.


So there isn’t really on tips or tutorials on this design as I hand painted it all. For anyone trying to recreate this design I would suggest using a good white and black polish, kolinsky hair brushes and prepare to be a while. Also have acetone handy in case there are any small damages to clean up.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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