Danglefoot Mani Fizz review

Hi all,

Danglefoot nails is almost ready for business!!

I. cannot. contain. my. excitement!

Hayley is a kick ass polish maker and I’ve loved her brand for ages now. I often compare her brand to the mainstream brands and feel she is often showing them how to do it. She is a down to earth UK Indie maker, who listens and loves her customers. She was my first UK indie and I’ll always show fealty to her.

So, I’ve managed to get myself on her close friends list (a place I am very grateful of) and she recently chucked a gorgeous little tester treat my way. I am ALWAYS grateful for any testers but this one requires a blog to itself.

Hayley has always shown an interest in making bath bombs with her 2 sons so I wasn’t surprised she branched out into making a mani fizz treatment.


Danglefoot Mani Fizz



It comes in this cute little container in a selection of bright colours. It instantly reminds me of a sand sculpture you might make as a child. I kind of didn’t want to disturb the way it looks!

As soon as I open the container the smell is all around me. It is a beautiful fruity based scent that reminds me of a face cream I have. I estimated how much I wanted to use and began to pour the mixture into some water. Once it hits the water is fizzes and grows into small clouds of coloured bubbles and then slowly dissolves leaving behind a sprinkle of golden glitter.

I kept my hands in the bowl for around 10 minutes before removing and patting off the excess water. This left my hands feeling soft and refreshed and my cuticles looking moisturised. I also discovered the golden glitter sticks to the skin and leaves you looking all sparkly.

I used around a 1/3 of the mixture for each treatment. This was more than enough to give off the gorgeous smell and help keep my hands soft. I loved the explosion of glitter and the residue it left afterwards. This may not be practical for day to day use but I loved it for a treat. I certainly felt like my nails and skin were softer and moisturised.

Hayley did mention that she had noticed a slight problem with the mixture going hard towards the end of the bottle. I sadly did notice this in my bottle but it doesn’t affect the mixture at all. Just give it a little bash and it crumbles back up.

I know that Hayley has taken this creation back to the drawing board so it may not be available straight away, but I hope she cracks it! Its a lovely way to chill out at the end of the day whilst keeping your nails refreshed.

Thanks for letting me test it Dame D!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


Keep your eyes peeled on @Danglefootnailpolish for any up coming releases and dates for the big re-open. Also I’ll be swatching and reviewing the Dr Who themed mani box that Hayley and 3 other UK Indies are releasing soon!



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