Nail Pop Polish Halloween Collection

Hi all,

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked to swatch and review for another amazing UK indie brand.

Nail Pop Polish!

Nail Pop Polish is run by Lyn, a lover of long nail decorated in nail art. She runs the whole show by herself and I had seen her brand being worn most of my favourite UK nail accounts. I got in touch and was ecstatic when she asked me to swatch and review her upcoming Halloween collection.

There are 3 striking colours in the collection and I loved them all on sight!


Nail Pop Polish Halloween collection



First up we have the deep dark Black Cat,


Nail Pop Polish – Black Cat



To the eye this polish has a really dark aubergine hint to it. It is filled with larger golden glitters and smaller purple glitters which give it a lovely shiny look. This is 2 coats without top coat. It becomes a little muted and matte like without a topcoat but I kind of loved that about it. It paints on really nicely and even with the smaller bottles; the brush was the perfect size and shape for perfect application.

I instantly wanted to top it with some creepy cat eyes and I found the perfect image on a Bundle Monster stamping plate. I used my trusty Barry M Gold Foil polish and the Bundle Monster Monocle stamper set I received in the newest Meebox to create this creepy cat eye design.


Cat’s Eye design



I normally don’t like a larger glitter in a polish but in this one it worked perfectly. The gold glitter catches the light and gives it a sparkly edge whilst the smaller purple glitter gives the polish its depth. It’s a lovely polish and perfect for Halloween!

Next up we have Tombstone,


Nail Pop Polish – Tombstone


This gun metal grey polish has a beautiful silver glitter and little shiny glitter flakes too. It’s a thinner more transparent polish to begin with but after 3 thin coats it builds up to this full coverage silvery grey.  The glitter flakes are super shiny and appear holographic in the light.

For this polish I wanted to create the effect of a zombie crawling out of a grave. With the polish being called Tombstone I felt that fit perfectly.


Zombie tombstone design


To create the design I used MDU black stamping polish and an image from the Bundle Monster plate BM-XL28. Once I added a layer of topcoat over this design the base polish becomes incredibly sparkly. I really like how it looks!

Lastly from the collection we have Witches Brew,


Nail Pop Polish – Witches Brew


I just love how delicate a colour this is. It still fits perfectly to the Halloween colour scheme but its delicate and soft enough to wear all year round. This is 2 coats no top coat. It shines so nicely even without the top coat though! Due to the lightness in this polish I didn’t want to add anything to harsh to the top. I settled on a silvery spider web design I spotted on stamping plate BM-XL28.


Spider web design



I loved how this design came out! The silver sits so well on top of the purple. It hasn’t photographed well as the silver catches the light and disappears in the flash. In person its a pretty feminine way of creating Halloween themed nails. I really love the colour too. It will be used again and again through out the year. Plus the formula is spot on.


So there we have it.

The full Halloween collection from Nail Pop Polish. This now available for purchase on Lyn’s Etsy, click here to visit the shop. Currently on sale for £3.50 each these are so worth the cost and its a lovely set to help create the epic Halloween nails we all love this time of year.

Thank you Lyn for letting me swatch these beauties for you!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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