Opulent Essences Autumn Collection

Hi all,

I was lucky enough to be sent some goodies from the lovely Sharon aka Opulent Essences this week. I’ve had a few days ogling and looking at all the goodies Sharon sells so was ecstatic to finally try some.

In my goodies I received the full Autumn collection and Opulent Omen from the Halloween collection. In this blog I’ll be showing swatches and reviewing just the Autumn polishes.

So the Autumn collection is all themed around aspects of Autumn (obviously!) I imagine that you would expect oranges, reds, browns and coppers. However Sharon has gone for a broader colour palette and has included some corking shades.

Here they are,


Opulent Essences Autumn Collection 2016



Straight away my little heart loves the blue and the ruby plum colour calls out to me too. I couldn’t wait to have a proper play with these so I sat down to work straight away!

First up we have Azazel,


Azazel – Opulent Essences



This little beauty is a deep and dusky blue with an elegant silvery shimmer. The formula is spot on and it paints on really nicely. This is 2 thin coats without a top coat, and honestly I don’t think it needs one. The formula dries quick and isn’t streaky.

For anyone who reads this blog, you should all know I love a good blue polish. Even still, this one is a real beauty and I have already done some nail art to go with it. I’ll be posting this at a later date.

Next up we have Ruelia,


Ruelia – Opulent Essences



Ruelia is a deep plum colour with duo chrome pigment which hints towards red and pink. Its formula appears very watery when on the brush but once on the nail it only needs 2 thin coats. The due chrome catches the light and gives it a warmer berry tone or under a flash its a deep plum colour. I love the duo chrome aspect of this polish.

It reminds me of the aubergine coloured berries on the trees this time of year, and when the red duo chrome is visible it becomes an earthy leaf. Its a really pretty shade!


Next up we have Electrum,


Electrum – Opulent Essences



Okay I wont lie, its my arch nemesis in polish form. Its a vibrant green colour. Even with the lovely golden shimmer I still don’t like this shade on my nails. However, the polish is perfect in consistency.

This is 2 thin coats with no top coat. It applies really well and isn’t runny at all; making clean up a million times easier. The formula dries fast and isn’t tacky so can be painted on when still a little wet. The gold shimmer does give it a lovely light catching glow. Its the perfect leafy green shade. Just not my cup of tea sadly. BUT I would recommend this to anyone who does like a green!


Lastly we have Phoenix,


Phoenix – Opulent Essences



This polish confused me. In the bottle it appears coppery orange. When painted on a swatch stick it was a very pale brown colour. When painted on my nail it became this really rusty brown shade. And then I moved and it caught the light and it changes again! To show the difference the above photo is with a low flash. The below photo is with a high flash and a daylight bulb.


Phoenix with flash



In this photo you can really see the green shimmer. It gives this polish a hidden depth that you only see in certain lights.

The formula is a tad thinner than I would like, but when applied well it still only needs 2 thick coats. This is without a top coat too so you can see how shiny it is alone.

I cant decide if I love this polish or not. Either way the polish is lovely.


Overall I really like how the collection looks together. Azazel is my firm favourite but I also like Ruelia and Phoenix in certain lights.

Well done Sharon, a great collection with epic formulas all round!

For anyone interested in purchasing these or any of the other Opulent Essences goodies please click here.


Thanks for reading!

Kat x




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