Pumpkin Spice Meebox Review

Hi all,

So after last months epic failure in Meebox standards I was hoping this month would be a redeemer. The theme fits perfectly with this time of year when everyone demands Pumpkin Spice on everything. Being honest though, I’ve never tried a pumpkin spice latte! Coffee just isn’t my thing. However a friend of mine suggested I try the spice on pancakes.

When I heard the theme was Pumpkin Spice I imagined there would be oranges, browns and maybe greens. Obviously, you all know, I hate green. I’m also not a massive lover of orange or brown so I wasn’t expecting much.

Thankfully when the box arrived and I dived in to inspect the awfulness I was happily surprised. The colours are exactly the right shades to fit the theme but none of them repulse me. I was ecstatic there wasn’t a green polish in sight! Thank the polish Gods Meebox has listened to us all.

So after inspecting the shades I couldn’t wait to get them on my nails!

Here’s the swatches,

First up we have Crabtree & Evelyn in ‘Clementine/Mandarin’





Now as I’ve said, I’m not normally a lover of orange polishes. However this one is stunning! Its a beautiful vibrant colour that I instantly loved. Looking at it in the bottle it doesn’t appear as deep as it is on the nail. It’s an incredibly creamy formula that only needs 2 coats for this look. It has a really pretty shimmer in the formula too which I couldn’t capture photographically no matter how I positioned my hand. In person though it is truly gorgeous. It has really changed my mind on orange. I cannot wait to wear this again and it will definitely be appearing in my Halloween manicures next month!

Normally on sale for £6 on the C&E website, this feels like a really reasonable price for a really great polish. On closer investigation I found that this polish was a finalist in the beauty awards in 2014. It really is a wonderful polish and I’ll happily recommend it to a friend. To purchase this click here.


Next up we have ‘Nude No.1’ from Lauren B Beauty,


Nude No.1



This nude is probably the palest nude polish I own. I’ll bet this shade is the perfect colour for the paler skin ladies amongst the nail community. My caramel skin seemed really dark in comparison. However, that said, its a really pretty porcelain colour.

I hadn’t ever heard of Lauren B Beauty before so was excited to try another new brand. Lauren B is an American brand which specialises in caring nail polish and treatments. All products are big 5 free (this simply means the 5 dangerous chemicals normally added to polish are not used) and are cruelty free and vegan friendly too. For anyone looking for a whole hearted decent brand these are your people.

The polish itself is on the thinner side which I found harder to work with. Due to the paleness of the shade I was hoping for a thicker consistency to avoid needing too many coats. This is 3 coats with no top coat. I was impressed with how shiny it looks without a top coat. The formula dried well and sealed off beautifully. It almost felt like a gel polish once dry. I really hope it stays put like a gel polish, so far I’m at day 4 and still no chips or damage.

This is normally for sale on the Lauren B Beauty website for $18. When you convert that back to sterling it stills leans too far over £10. For me, £10 is the most I will spend on a single polish. I love the colour and the shape of the bottle. I also found applying the polish really easy. However, its not a polish I would be buying again just due to the price. To purchase it please click here.


Next up we have Leighton Denny’s Limited Edition ‘Venus Desire’ from the I Am Goddess range,


Venus Desire



This polish is beyond stunning!

My initial inspection made me think this polish was far too dark for me. It felt gloopy and too thick on the brush. I wasn’t keen on it at all. Then I painted it on and BAM!, it’s a god damn miracle. I cannot express how much I love this polish!

The formula is spot on. It glides on so nicely and the brush felt shaped perfectly so my clean up was minimal. This is 2 coats, although I think if applied thickly it would be a definite one coater. In the bottle it appears to be rusty brown in colour but once applied it takes on this gorgeous shimmery brown colour that sparkles in the light. The glitter is orange to red which changes the depth of the polish and adds a regal touch to the shade.

I had a look around and found this for sale on the Nail Polish Direct website for £11. This is just over my price range for one polish, however I do like this shade so much I’m now looking for the rest of the limited edition collection to see if I can collect the set. Thanks Meebox for helping me find another brand I will break the bank for! To purchase it click here.


Also in this month’s box was a clear jelly stamping set from Bundle Monster and an Autumnal themed stamping plate.


I have a large collection of Bundle Monster plates and I have always found them to be a little contrary. Sometimes they work perfectly and I get the crispest image using any polish. Other times I use the specific stamping polishes I have from MDU, which are the best stamping polishes I have ever discovered, and even they don’t pick up. I think due to the mass production element of Bundle Monster’s products, there can be a great batch and then a bad batch. Sadly I felt that my plate was from a bad batch.

I tried using all the polishes from the box to get a decent image and none of them worked. I then tried using my MDU polishes and managed a half decent pick up but noticed the image had a line through it. This happens when the plate has a scratch or dent that isn’t part of the design. Even though my plate arrived covered in a layer of protective film I found a few small scratches and slightly larger one in the middle of the plate. I also found a tiny piece of grit under the film which would explain the damage.

The XL Monocle stamper however is lovely. It’s short and small enough for my teeny hands to hold well when stamping. It comes with a clear plastic cover to protect the stamp itself too. The stamp feels squishy and sticky which impressed me. Normally I lean towards the bigger stampers to help get a large image for my longer nails so this was a great sized stamp for me.

I will be using the stamp in my day to day manicures now and I hope to get a decent enough pick up from the plate to demonstrate the images on it.

Currently for sale on the Bundle Monster website for $2.49, the plate is a great way to add an autumnal feel to your manicures. However I’m gutted I haven’t managed to use it successfully yet. To purchase this yourself click here.

The stamping set works perfectly and I would happily buy it again. I love how easily it sits in my hands, the lid helps protect the jelly stamp and it looks smart and modern on my desktop. This is for sale on the website for $11.75 which when converted to sterling is around £9. I would happily spend that on a stamping system and considering how much I like this one, I may even spend more! To purchase this please click here.

So there we have it.

My honest review and swatches of the Pumpkin Spice Meebox for August 2016.

If this has interested you into becoming a subscriber of Meebox please click here.

Well done Meebox for having another great month and for once again introducing another new brand I may not have found on my own.

Next month’s theme looks A-MAZE-ING!!!!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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