#clairestelle8sep Texture

Hi all,

I MADE IT! I successfully completed the @clairestelle8challenge for September!

8 prompts. 30 days.

I did it!

So the last prompt for the challenge was texture. I don’t tend to wear textured polishes. Mostly down to personal preference. I don’t like how they feel against the skin and if they catch my hair or clothes I am 100% out. I’ve found that covering certain polishes in a thick layer of top coat can play down the texture but I do still avoid them.

So I was a little stumped for this prompt.

I had a look through Instagram for inspiration and couldn’t find anything that appealed to me. Then I had a rifle through my HUGE collection of nail art bits and bobs and remembered I had a stash of nail wraps from a company called Thumbs Up Nails. Within this stash I found a really bright set of wraps themed around snakeskin. It’s not exactly textured on the nail BUT snake skin in person is definitely textured. So away my little brain went designing an epic snakeskin manicure.

Here is what I came up with,


#clairestelle8sep Texture



From previous experience I tend to avoid nail wraps. After my epic Jamberry failure; which you can read here, I avoid them like the plague. However I bought some on the off chance I would eventually use them and I do really like the designs on these.


Thumbs Up Nail Wraps in Venom



To create this design I started by applying the Thumbs Up Nails wraps from the Venom set on all nails except the middle. Unlike Jamberry these wraps don’t need huge amounts of preparation. They come in a cute packet which shows the design so its easy for you to find what your looking for. The pack opens up and there are 2 rows of 10 wraps in a variety of different sizes for you to choose from. The only nail prep that these need is a gentle buff on the nail and to clean away any oils with a simple swipe of acetone. Once that’s all done its a really quick process of peeling off the nail wrap using the silver tab and placing on the nail. It does take practice to get a perfect application though! I sat for a while trying different ways to apply and found placing the wrap alongside the edge of one nail and then rolling it up and across the nail, pressing out any air bubbles that may arise worked the best. As far as finding the right sizes I was pretty lucky except for my pointer nails. For this one I had to stretch and pull a slightly smaller one to fit the curve at the end of my nail. The instructions suggest that you might wish to use a gel based topcoat to seal the edges but I just used a normal topcoat to judge their strength and durability.

There is always a set of questions I ask when trying any new brands or products and I wont promote them unless they fit the bill.

Do they work?

Yes! If you take some time working on your placement they sit nicely and you don’t get left with bumps and ridges.

Are they worth the cost?

I purchased The Wild Ones bundle which is £20 for 3 brightly coloured packs. Considering in each pack there is 20 wraps which is 2 manicures. This is 6 manicures for £20. I think that’s a really reasonable price.

Would I recommend them to a friend?

This is the one I’m unsure on. I would recommend to someone who feels confident using nail wraps and likes a no strings design with easy removal. However as I said, it does take practice to apply.

Overall, I quite liked them and will hopefully be including them in my nail art from now on.

So going back to the design I created, once the nail wraps were applied I then began working on the reverse stamp snake design for the accent nail.

To create this I used MDU black stamping polish and a plate from the Rainbow Connection Fuzzy and Ferocious stamping set.


Once I had the image on the stamp I then began to fill in the design with colour to complete the image. For this is used a selection of colours which are all labelled below.


Once it was all coloured in I used a thin layer of base coat on the naked nail to affix the stamped decal. Then using a scalpel I cut the decal to my nails shape and pushed it into position.

To seal the whole manicure off I used a thin layer of top coat.

This design isn’t something I would normally go for personally. I tend to prefer more feminine colours and designs. However this has changed my mind. I actually love the colours. The bright scales on the wraps were the reason I picked the colours. I really love how the snake decal came out too.

It’s a really pretty design and I’m glad that the challenge prompted me into trying something new!

So there we have it. My final design for the #clairestelle8challenge for September.

I have thoroughly enjoying pushing my boundaries and trying new things. Plus the challenge itself is nowhere near as strict as some others and I liked how I could take aspects of the prompt and tweak them. For anyone looking for a fun and friendly challenge which you can take part in monthly, this is the one for you.

If you missed any of my previous designs here they all are,


I decided to have a break from challenges this month as I have lots of other amazing things in the pipe line… Excited and intrigued?!

All I’ll say is some very pretty polishes are coming your way!!

Thanks so much for reading!

Kat x





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