#clairestelle8sep Illusion

Hi all,

I really did get behind this time!

So the next prompt for #Clairestelle8sep was Illusion.

There’s plenty of ways you could interpret Illusion. The more common method would be to do an optical illusion design.

Recently Uberchic released a whole new collection of plates with plenty of designs that are optical illusion based. I didn’t manage to get them delivered in time but I did find a great spiral design on a plate I already owned.

Here is what I came up with,

#clairestelle8sep Illusion


Since my favourite UK Indie maker Hayley aka Danglefoot Polish, has been away, I’ve had a huge gap in my life. I will admit I’ve had an increase in money from not spending it all, but it’s not the same. I cannot wait for the Dr Who themed mani box she hopes to release early October! Anyway, to fill the empty void in my life I had to put on one of her classic shades. This is Scream Queen, a gorgeous sumptuous purple glitter polish. It needs 2 coats, doesn’t require the sponge on method and once top coated it shines like a mother! It’s a great polish for anyone who loves glitter but doesn’t want anything too textured.

To create the illusion design over the top I used Barry M Silver Foil and an image from Uber chic stamping plate 6-01.

Barry M Silver Foil

Barry M has a few great polishes for stamping but honestly the foil range is my favourite. They stamp so beautifully without much fuss. They pick up even the smallest details and all for less than a fiver! You can’t complain about that.

To add a touch of shine I added some crystals from Born Pretty Store. Just using a small dab of nail glue and a pair of tweezers I added the small crystals at the centre of the illusion design.

Once it all had dried to the touch I then topped it all off with a layer of HK Girl quick dry top coat.

A really simple and easy design to fufill the prompt.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



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