#clairestelle8sep Stained Glass

Hi all,

The prompt for #clairestelle8sep 20th was stained glass. I managed to post my photo on Instagram on time but not my blog. I’m beginning to see a pattern here. I either forget or don’t get the time!

But, I’m here now.

Stained glass is an unusual design to try to create on your nails. There is a technique which I instantly leaned toward and this is the use of jelly polishes.

O.P.I Color Paints


O.P.I released a collection a while ago which is perfect for a more translucent polish look. The Color Paints collection has a variety of shades which are translucent in consistency. The more translucent the polish the easier it is to create a stained glass effect. I’ve had the whole O.P.I Color Paints collection since they released and hadn’t really had a proper play with them so I fancied having a proper look.

Here is what I came up with,


#clairestelle8sep Stained Glass


To create this super bright and vibrant design I started using the silver base polish from the collection. Using the silver polish as a base gives the coloured polishes a base colour to pop against. It makes the colours more vibrant and does help give the polish a more glass shine effect.

O.P.I Color Paints Silver base polish


Once the silver base coat had dried I then found a stamping image I wanted. Luckily I found one which I felt looked a little like a stained glass window. This is from Uberchic beauty, on plate 1-02. To get the perfect crisp lines on the stamp I used MDU black stamping polish.

MDU Black Stamping Polish


Then using a nail art brush from Twinkled T I began to fill in the details on the design. The yellow seems to pop the best, but I imagine this is due to the brightness of the shade.

It is a time consuming technique but quite satisfying. I loved watching the design come to life. It really does create a translucent glass effect. It’s not my usual design but I do really like it.

To recreate it, I would suggest you need a good few hours and patience. Take your time, don’t rush otherwise the colours will bleed through and ruin each other.


Only 2 more prompts left for the challenge now, so fingers crossed I can stay with it to the end.

Thanks for reading

Kat x






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