#clairestelle8sep Watermelon

Hi all,

I’m back again with the next prompt to the #clairestelle8sep challenge.

This time round it was Watermelon.

I recently did my first watermelon design, link to it here, so I fancied having a go at something a little different.

I decided to go for a more abstract colour blend gradient. Here’s what I came up with,

#clairestelle8sep Watermelon


I cant decide whether these are fab or a huge fail. I wanted the colours to blend seamlessly but I feel the green is a patchy. Also even after waiting a good 15 minutes before top coating I still managed to smudge the green up the nail design. However, in person the small flaws are less noticeable and I do love the colour combination of this one. So I’m quite conflicted.

I’ll open it up and ask you lot. Honest opinions please, let me know if your a lover or hater of this one!

So for anyone who would like to recreate this design lets run through my how to.

I started this design with a gradient base using 3 Models Own polishes from the Polish for Tans collection. As I said in my last post, this collection is to die for and I love everyone of them. Even the neon green and yellow, which normally I wouldn’t. For this I used Flip Flop, Island Hop and Barrier Reef in a gradient. To help the green and lighter pink blend I also added a small line of O.P.I Alpine Snow.


In theory adding white in between the green and light pink it should have made both colours a little lighter and made an easier transition in shades. However the O.P.I polish has, in my mind, ruined it. The colours blended well and then adding the white just messed with it. It was one of those moments I just said ‘Lets try this’ and I wish I hadn’t.

I then allowed drying time.

Once it was dry to the touch I used Barry M’s Black nail art pen to create the seeds. I just started with a small black circle which I then extended to a point.

Once all dry I added a layer of HK Girl quick dry top coat. This is where I noticed the green beginning to spread. It felt completely dry and yet when I began to paint over it the colours bled so badly. I’m under the impression this was just due to not allowing enough drying time. However I will use Flip Flop again and road test the drying time.

Overall, as I’ve previously said, I’m not sold on this design. I feel it doesn’t look how I wanted it too, and the polish had bled causing a patchy look. However I still love the colours and will not say a bad word about the Models Own collection!

Thanks for reading,

Watch out for the next prompt in 3 days!

Kat x


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