#clairestelle8sep Tropical

Hi all,

Another 3 days down, another Clairestelle8sep challenge prompt.

This time round it was Tropical.

I’ve seen some amazing neon gradients recently and have been quite partial to them myself too. I knew I wanted to have some neon in this design but wasn’t sure how. Then I remembered a silhouette design I’d seen before with a beautiful gradient background.

I decided to use a selection of the Models Own Polish for Tans collection I had bought recently as my base. I’ve used Model’s Own before and have always had a reasonably good experience. When the newest additions to the Polish for Tans collection came up I swooped in and grabbed them all, I even managed to grab a few of the older collection as well.

Polish for Tans is pretty much what it says on the bottle. Bright neon shades which emphasise your summer tan. I’d been dubious as to how a polish can make you look more tanned but then I heard great reviews from the UK bloggers I had to give them a try.

So using the gorgeous shades I created a tropical island themed design.

Here is what I came up with,

#clairestelle8sep Tropical


Look at that blend! I instantly loved how easy these beauties were to work with!

Using Boat Party, Surfs Up, Island Hop and Bikini to create the gradient base was heaven. I didn’t use a white base; which for some brands is a must. However these just went on so smoothly. You can see here how bright they are. Bright and beautiful shades.  Considering I only used 4 colours they have blended to create at least 6 shades. I love how well the base turned out. It was one of those odd occasions where I thought about just stopping at the base and not painting over it. It was just so damn beautiful!

The polish is made so well. It was thick enough to get a smooth blend within 3 rounds of the sponge. It didn’t become sticky or tacky when applying another coat. It dried smooth without any bubbles and once top coated, it was dreamy! God bless Model’s Own for making Heaven in a polish bottle!

Island Hop
Surfs Up
Boat Party


Honestly, even in the bottle they are just stunning! Congrats Model’s Own, you have won me over!

Does it make you look more tanned, you ask? Well my photo’s are always taken with a flash so my skin can looked a little washed out and pale. However in person they DO make my hands look a nice healthy brown shade. To the point that my husband Andy, who has no idea about the polish, mentioned I looked tanned. To me that’s a resounding success!


Before I began painting the palm tree details over the top I sealed the gradient with a layer of Glisten & Glow HK Girl quick dry top coat. This was so I could paint over and not worry about smudging the perfect base I had created.

To create the palm trees and birds I used a Kolinsky nail art brush I purchased from Twinkled T and O.P.I Lady In Black.

Lady In Black has become one of those polishes I dread using. It so damn temperamental. On rare days I barely shake it and it glides on with no effort. On the majority of the times I use it, it’s gloopy and so hard to work with. I want a polish that I paid £11 to be epic! I can name at least 5 UK indie brands who have black crème polishes that are miles better than this. It annoys me so much that a brand like O.P.I, a multi billion franchise, cannot make a half decent polish that lasts! I will continue to struggle on with it but will lean more towards my Barry M black or the new black Gelly hi shine shade they will be releasing soon.

Lady In Black


Painting the palm trees and bird details was a time consuming affair. Mostly down to the consistency of the O.P.I polish. For anyone trying to recreate this look I would suggest you allow time and prepare to be patient. It’s just very small and gentle brush strokes which create the palm leaf. You can’t layer them to deep as otherwise you will lose the fine details. Use a thin nail art brush, I use #09 Kolinsky nail art brush. Ensure you brush is clean and have acetone at hand to clean the brush down between strokes to avoid strands of dry polish.

Once I had finished I then added another layer of topcoat.


It’s eye catching, bright and so easily achieved. I will 100% be using these polishes again and recommending them to anyone who asks.

Thanks for reading,

Keep your eyes peeled for the next #clairestelle8sep prompt!

Kat x




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