#clairestelle8sep Gold

Hi all.

3 days certainly comes round fast doesn’t it? I feel like I’ve only just sat back down after doing my Owl nails and I’m already doing Gold. I can see why people get left behind! I’ve got to keep my focus and plough on.

So the next theme for #clairestelle8sep is Gold. I had an idea about cogs and metal. I worked out how I wanted it to look and began. Sadly once I’d played around with the idea I realised the gold wouldn’t be prominent as part of the design. So I went away and had a look on Instagram for inspiration.

I follow a very talented lady who recently did a design very similar to this and I loved it. This lady is Faye aka @littlef218. I instantly fell in love with her version and tweaked it slightly to fit the gold theme.

Here is what I came up with,

#clairestelle8sep Gold


I’ve seen this design a few times done in different ways. I wanted a textured glitter which was layered in a gradient over my nail base.

To start the design I used O.P.I Alpine Snow as a base. This took 2 coats and a mad shake for it to apply perfectly. I added a layer of HK Girl Topcoat from Glisten & Glow.

To create the stripes I used Twinkled T Straight vinyl’s. I’ve used Twinkled T products for ages now. I always find them to be spot on, if used correctly. For smooth straight lines and a removal that wont rip up the base, it’s a simple process.

Patience is the key. You have to wait long enough for the base coat to dry fully before even attempting to apply the vinyl’s. They are sticky and do adhere really well; so if applied to wet nails, the whole lot is coming off when you remove the vinyl. I find applying a quick dry top coat before using the vinyl’s can quicken the process but ultimately, you just have to be patient.

Once the base was dry I began placing the vinyl’s in the pattern I wanted. To make sure the lines were perfectly straight I laid down the vinyl’s completely covering the nail and then took out the ones I wouldn’t need. This left me with perfectly placed straight lines.

Twinkled T Straight Vinyl’s



You might notice that some of my lines are a little less than straight. This was basically due to the way I removed the vinyl’s. If left too long, the polish that has been painted over the top will begin to dry. This will then cause small pieces of the polish to become stringy and elastic in texture. When lifting the vinyl, the polish stretches and leaves a small trail on the base. To correct this I simply used a Kolinsky hair nail art brush to straighten up any mistakes.

Some how the photo I took of the black polish I used, O.P.I Lady In Black, just seems to have disapeared. However it’s a colour I use quite regularly so you could find it on previous posts.

Once the vinyl’s had all been removed I added another layer of HK Girl Top coat.

Then to create the gold scattered glitter effect I used a make up sponge and Barry M Treasure Chest from the Aquarium Range.

Barry M Treasure Chest



I originally placed it in a half moon design around my cuticles but after taking some advice from a beloved friend (@polisheddreams_) I then began dragging it up into a more gradiented design. I prefer it this way much better.

Then once again I added a layer of HK Girl top coat to seal it all.

The glitter has remained quite textured, even afer the top coat. I usually dont like anything too textured but this is ok.

Overall Im reasonably happy with the design. I’ve felt a little lacklustre and uninspired recently so fingers crossed I get my mojo back soon!

Thanks for reading.

The next #clairestelle8sep prompt is in 3 days!

Kat x





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