#Clairestelle8Sep Day 3 Owls

Hi all,

So once or twice before I’ve taken part in a few challenges. Sometimes I smash my way through and enjoy every moment and then other times it’s like dragging a dead body. Hard, messy and not fun!

I decided to step back from the challenges and focus on trying to expand my skill set a bit. So far I do feel as though I’m slowly progressing but still have a few goals I want to achieve.

After a small break away, the lovely @clairestelle8 returned to hosting her monthly challenges and this month I saw the themes and fell in love. She prompted me out of my challenge avoidance and here we are.

The #clairestelle8 challenge sets a theme for you to follow every 3 days within a month. There aren’t any strict rules. Its just a theme you can take ideas from. Any colours or shapes you feel like. This is the biggest reason why I wanted to take part. Having freedom to interpret the themes how I wanted is so much more interesting. Plus I get to see everyone else’s take on the theme by following the #clairestelle8sep hashtag on social media.

The first prompt for the month was Owls. I had the idea to aim for a more vintage feel to it so wanted to add roses.

Here is what I ended up with,

#clairestelle8sep Owls

I’m unsure about them. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, and I definitely feel I could have made the roses more detailed. However the owl stamp is flawless, and with the flowers the whole design takes on a more cutesy feel.

To start the design I used Barry M Blueberry as my base. It only needs 2 thin coats if applied well. I always tend to lean towards blues in my manicures as its my favourite colour but this one is an all time favourite. Its such a gorgeous colour. I will just keep replacing the empty bottles with new ones!

On my accent finger I used Barry M Cotton. This polish for me is hit and miss. If you shake it like mad before use and position well it needs one coat. If you don’t prep it however it becomes gloopy and really hard to work with.

Barry M Cotton

For the owl stamp I had the perfect plate all lined up. I’ve had the plate for a while and have been waiting for a reason to use this image. I bought the Fuzzy and Ferocious stamping bundle created by Bundle Monster from Rainbow Connection. It’s full of different animals from the wise old owl to the great grey elephant. I just need to keep finding way to incorporate them into my designs!

BMS-155 Fuzzy and Ferocious bundle

For this stamp I deviated from my usual go to set up. I would normally use the creative shop stamping set I purchased from Rainbow Connection, however today I tried out a new stamping method. I’ve had a clear jelly stamper for a few weeks now. It was part of my first ever Meebox. When I first used it I couldn’t for the life of me get the thing to work. I was so excited by the prospect of being able to see exactly where I would be placing my images when stamping. Due to it not working first time I stored it away and forgot about it. However when I used it this time it felt so natural. The stamping process was smooth and actually quite satisfying.

I used MDU black stamping polish to get the perfect lines for the stamp. Overall, I love the owl. It is so intricately detailed.

To create the roses on my other nails I used a dotting tool and a Kolinsky hair nail art brush from Twinkled T.

Using 2 Barry M pink colours I managed to create the rose blooms.

To add the roses I used Morgan Taylor in Later Alligator.

Morgan Taylor Later Alligator


To finish it all off I used Glisten & Glow HK Girl quick dry top coat.


I’m pleased with how the design came together. I think its one of those designs that will grow on me. I love the owl detail. Plus I love the fact I created it using my clear jelly stamper at last!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next #clairestelle8sep theme!

Thanks for reading

Kat x


To find out about the @clairestelle8 nail art challenges use this link,






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