Boho Meebox Review

Hi all,

Another month, another Meebox.

This month was a bohemian themed box with an even more exciting element. It was their first birthday box.

This box had the potential to be absolutely jaw dropping. I had visions of beautiful pastels, feathers, tassels, dried flowers and other hippy things. Also with the theme reveal it was mentioned there would be an extra gift. I began to imagine flower crowns and gypsy style jewellery. As with every month we had no idea of what to expect other than the bohemian theme so I sat and pondered and waited and finally it was here.

Here’s this month’s goodies,

Boho Meebox

So what do we have?

The Grape Escape acetone free nail polisher remover from Meebox

Miss Cat Nails Pistachio Metallic Leaf foil

Cuccio Colour in Prince I’ve Been Gone

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Green Berry

Zoya in Aggie

On first look I really don’t feel the Bohemian vibe at all. I feel as though the colours don’t even remotely go together either. Normally I can instantly see a way of using all the goodies together but this time they feel disjointed. I also normally have a stand out favourite and again I don’t. I don’t really like anything about this box, however I always have to try the stuff before I make solid opinions.

So here are the swatches,

First up we have Barry M Green Berry,

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Green Berry


So sadly this little beauty is already part of my extensive collection. However it is one of my favourite Barry M shades so I will always appreciate a spare. As with any Barry M product the formula is spot on! This is 2 normal coats and no top coat. The colour is so pretty and I could and do wear it all the time. This is normally on sale in most beauty stores for £3.99.

I do really like this colour and will be wearing it again it’s just a shame I already own it. I do highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t already have it though.


Next up we have Zoya in Aggie,

Zoya Aggie


In the bottle this polish definitely has a green tinge to it. It looked very similar to a multi chrome polish I saw recently. Green, as you should all know by now is not my colour. However with the copper and gold element I had hopes this polish would win me over. As soon as I started painting it on, the green seems to disappear. This does make me like the polish a little more than I originally did!

This was my first Zoya. I have heard many a great review of their polishes and seen women with huge collections of just Zoya polish alone so this suggested I should love the formula. This is 2 reasonably thick coats with no top coat. The polish has a slightly thinner and watery consistency which made me wonder if it required a base colour underneath. However with a little perseverance and good placement I managed to get a pretty decent opacity with the 2 coats. The colour is hard to describe. It has gold and copper tones but I also see brown, green and occasionally a tinge of blue as well.

Personally I feel it doesn’t suit me very well. I think this could be due to my skin tone being reasonably dark.

I had a little look around to see how much it would cost to buy myself and I wasn’t surprised that it normally sells for around £11. I’m on a budget as far as polish buying so £11 for a polish I probably wont wear again is a no-no for me. Sadly I will be selling this one on.

Next up we have Cuccio in Prince I’ve Been Gone,

Cuccio Prince I’ve Been Gone


I’m not a huge fan of super dark colours. I love black when worn with the right colours to contrast it. However I took an instant dislike to this colour. It has base notes of green and blue but is such a dark shade you can’t really define which is most prominent. This was 2 coats and no top coat. I was thinking with the polish being so dark it would be a solid one coater but sadly it did definitely need two. It is a lovely shiny polish and the formula was pretty good but it’s just not for me. I imagine there’s a whole range of women out there who would love this but it’s just not for me.

This would normally be on sale for around £8. Again a steep price tag for a polish I don’t really like, however if it was another shade I may be tempted by the formula alone.

Next up in the goodies we had a Meebox original product,

The Grape Escape remover.

I would normally use pure acetone to remove my polish. This can be a very drying method and I do have to maintain a good moisture routine to combat raggedy cuticles. I noticed straight away that this product was acetone free so had hopes this could be my new go to product when removing my polish.

I decided to use it through out my review and also in one other manicure to see how well it worked on different polishes. I found that it does remove the polish pretty well. However I did instantly notice how strongly it smells of chemicals. Being a regular polish user I’m pretty tolerant to the smell of acetone or other removers. I’m that girl who kinda enjoys the stronger smells. The acetone I currently use is probably the strongest smelling stuff I own. Well now it’s the second. This nail polish remover when smelled closely has fruity hints and it’s not a bad smell. But when left on a cotton pad on my workstation I almost passed out from the smell. It’s incredibly strong for such a small amount of product. I don’t know whether it was the chemicals used to perfume it or the other chemicals used to make it remove polish. Either way I found the smell far to over powering.

To show you how well it removes the polish I did record a quick video. WordPress has decided I’m not allowed to post video’s on here (annoying much?!) so instead here is the link to it posted on my Facebook account.


Meebox has said this would cost £3 to buy alone which is really reasonable. Especially for an indie brand with the perfume added. Sadly, due to the over powering smell I wouldn’t want to buy it again.


Lastly we have Miss Cat Nails Pistachio Metallic Leaf foil.

I haven’t used anything like this before but have wanted to so this was a nice surprise. I have seen some beautiful stone like designs created using this so had high hopes of what I could achieve. When I took it out of the pot I realised it is sent in one small and extremely thin slice. So I then had to YouTube on how to use it. Some people suggest you use nail glue to adhere it but then others say just a tacky layer of top coat. I decided I would see if it would work being pressed against the last layer of Cuccio polish I applied.

Straight away I realised how fiddly this would be. This is definitely a tweezer job. If you touch it with any oil or moisture on your hands it will stick to you. Extremely well. To the point I had a small piece stuck to my finger the whole time I did my review and had to physically pick/wash it off after. Makes me wonder why people would need nail glue when it sticks to anything!

Once I had managed to grasp the foil I decided to try to stick it to the whole nail in one hit. Basically because I had no idea how else to do it!

This is what I achieved,

Pistachio Leaf foil accent


It’s not what I had in mind. BUT this is down to my complete lack of knowledge on the product. I would love to see what the super talented foil goddesses out there could achieve. The pattern on the foil is a mix of blues, golds and browns. This does fit with the other colours now I look closer. Sadly my design doesn’t really show it off to its best.

This sells for around £2.50, which is so reasonable a price. I will be trying again with this one. I want to have a foil design under my belt, even if it kills me.


Did you notice anything else in the photo?

Something shiny and silver?

The surprise gift you say!

Yes I hadn’t forgotten about it. I wanted to review it separately as its a piece of jewellery.

One of a small selection of Sterling Silver midi rings was added to every single Meebox this month and I was lucky enough to receive a really pretty laurel leaf design.

Midi rings are super trendy at the moment so I have seen them around. I love how they look on women, especially all the nail girls who load up on them to create the stacked ring look. I wear 3 rings already, all of which are romantic and sentimental and I never take them off. Because of this, other jewellery sometimes looks silly in comparison to my other rings. Sadly this is the problem with this little beauty.

I also found it didn’t fit very well.

My ring size is a family joke actually.

When my husband went out to choose my engagement ring he chose the best he could find. When he proposed we found it would only fit on my middle finger due to my teeny hands. Then when we were planning our wedding, he chose to replace my original engagement ring with another one which would fit on my ring finger. The jewellers measured my hands and exclaimed very loudly, ‘You have the tiniest hands I’ve ever seen!’ and proceeded to tell me my ring size was normally a child size. Much laughter ensued and I now wear a stunning diamond engagement band and wedding band made to fit as they didn’t stock them in my size.

So normally with any hand jewellery I have to go small anyway. This ring, albeit a midi ring, which you would wear on your knuckle, doesn’t fit well on any finger other than the thumb. I suspect that there are probably a few other ladies with the same problem. The company obviously doesn’t know all our ring sizes and sent an average size. It just doesn’t fit me. I will be passing this on to another ring loving lady I know though!


So there we have it. All the goodies from the Boho themed Meebox.

My overall opinion on this one is not very good. A dupe, 2 shades I don’t like, remover which smells awful and a ring I wont wear. I am aware however, that for £20 I got myself a steal.

The ladies at Meebox work hard to make the boxes accessible for all of their customers and that in itself is a mammoth task I wouldn’t put on anyone. They have kicked ass some months and then let me down on others. I have seen the theme for next month and I’m already curious of what way they will go with it. Fingers (and nails!) crossed its another smasher!

Happy Birthday Meebox, may your second year be bigger, better and bolder than the first!

Thanks for reading,

Kat x


To purchase either a one of box or full year subscription service use this link,


















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