Galaxy Nails

Hi all.

If you’re a secret science geek like myself you might have heard about the amazing discovery that happened this week.

NASA has been using a giant telescope they have called the Keplar to find and discover planets in a section of space they are calling ‘The Habitual Zone’

Yesterday they discovered a new planet which they believe could be another planet for humans. How amazing is that? Very little is know about the planet as of yet but they will now be looking much closer. The planet will now be known as Keplar-186f.

In honour of the space age discovery I wanted to do a favourite design of mine, galaxy nails.

Here is what I came up with,

Starrily Neutrino

The photo’s just don’t do this justice. It’s such a beautiful design!

Ok, to start it off I used the super famous and sought after Starrily Neutrino. This is a polish that many other nail artists and bloggers talk about, a lot. Especially the Queen of Holo, Cristine aka @simplynailogical. Starrily is one of her favourite brands to use in her nail art. Starrily is an American brand that sells to certain stockist over here in the UK. Mainly Rainbow Connection, which is how I got my hands on this polish.

Neutrino is a deep black with lots of little holographic glitters in it. The formula is pretty spot on and it only needs one coat. It doesn’t have a sharp glitter texture to it but it isn’t quite smooth either. I get why some people hype about it so much but comparing it to other black holo’s I own; this doesn’t even come close to Higitus Figitus from Danglefoot. I know I ramble on about how amazing Danglefoot polish is anyway but seriously, Higitus Figitus is bloody amazing!

So going back to the design, I used one coat of Neutrino to start as a base. To create the deep galaxy swirls I used 2 blue polishes blended together using a make up sponge. By layering the two colours over a black base they take on a certain depth. This just makes the galaxy look more realistic.

For this effect I used O.P.I St. Marks the Spot and Barry M Speedy quick dry in Eat My Dust.

O.P.I St Marks the Spot
Barry M Eat My Dust


Using a dabbing motion I positioned the blues to make a swirling asteroid cloud design. By blending the 2 blues together using a sponge they have mixed together to make a whole range of blues. This is how this design gets its depth.

Then I added the tiny white dots to create distant stars. To do this I simply used a nail art pen created by Barry M. IT’s a really easy way to add detail.

Barry M Nail Art pen in White

Once it had dried off I added a layer of Barry M Diamond Dust top coat.

Barry M Diamond Dust

It’s a great way to add a little sparkle to a design. For this design it just adds a few more twinkly stars.

To top it all off I added a thin layer of HK Girl topcoat,

This design came out so well. I love it when you see a plan in your head and its exactly the same on your nails. The blues blend so well into the black to create an endlessly deep asteroid cloud and the glitter in Neutrino and Diamond Dust add the starry aspects so well. I’m honestly in love with these, and I will be doing them again, and again, and again!

Thank you so much for reading,

Love to you all

Kat x


To find out more about Cristine, the Holo queen click this link


To purchase Starrily in the UK click here for Rainbow Connection’s website

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