Neon Aztec design

Hi all.

Recently all I have wanted to wear on my nails is neon. One specific brand of neon actually. Danglefoot Live Colourfully collection.

I repeat myself every time I wear them. I can’t believe how strong these colours are with no white base! Hayley has made an epic collection that I absolutely adore.

This time round I wanted an Aztec colour scheme. Bright oranges and reds were the first colours that came to mind.


Image credit: Google


Hayley’s Live Colourfully collection has a red, pink and orange which matches the colours of this picture perfectly.

So here’s what I came up with,

Bottle Shot, Barry M Gold Foil


It’s such a pretty design, I’m so pleased how lovely they look!

To create this design I started with a gradient base. For this I used Spike the Punch, Break the Rules and Steal a Kiss.


I then topped this off with a layer of HK Girl top coat.

To create the black stamping detail I used my Mundo De Unas black stamping polish and a Bundle Monster plate.

I love how well the MDU polish works normally but I had a few issues with it for this manicure. I found that although normally its the perfect consistency, it felt slightly thicker to work with. Also, it does dry fast normally but it was pretty much dry before I could get the stamper near it. The day I did this it was a really warm evening so I’m hoping that this was reason I was struggling. I will not be pleased if the polish has started to thicken after only a month or so of using it!

I wanted a triangle based Aztec print and found the perfect one on BM plate XL 22.

Bottle shot, MDU Black stamping polish


If you look closely you can see that a few of the triangles have been filled in with Barry M Gold foil effect polish. I thought it added a more realistic Aztec vibe.

As previously said I really love this design. I am disappointed the stamping isn’t a clean and crisp it normally is. I’m hoping that the next time I touch my stamping bits it will work perfectly again. Reading through the MDU website it says that the stamping polishes they sell need a strong shake regularly. I’m pretty sure I did shake it before I used it but will make sure I do next time.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To purchase the MDU stamping polish use the link below:





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