Neon gradient stamping nails

Hi all,

So on my last post I mentioned I would be away for a while.

I have spent a whole week in the beautiful city that is Rome. It was completely blissful. I spent the whole week wandering the streets of Rome enjoying the sights. We ate so much food, drank well and slept late. It was perfect.

I wanted a nail design which was bright and eye catching. I literally left my nails to the last minute as we had so many other things to do. So I settled for a neon stamping design using my favourite UK indie brand, Danglefoot Nail Polish.

As seen in my previous posts, Danglefoot released a gorgeous and bright neon collection called the ‘Live Colourfully’ collection. I have the whole set. I love them immensely so any chance I get to wear them they go straight on.

Here is what I came up with,

Bottle shot of MDU Black Stamping polish
Believe it or not I only used 3 colours to create the base. The colours have blended so well it looks like I have used at least 5. This just makes me love Danglefoot polish even more. They are so damn perfect for almost every type of nail art.

So for the gradient base I used Ditch the Diet, Dress To Impress and Make an Entrance all from the Danglefoot Live Colourfully collection. They sponge on smoothly and don’t need a white base coat. Even the yellow, which you would expect to be thin, is opaque within 2 coats.

Whilst the base was drying I had a look through my Uber Chic plate collection for a star burst design and found the perfect image.

Starburst design on plate 2-02
Using my Creative Shop Stamper set and MDU Black Stamping polish I managed to pick up the whole image wonderfully, however due to me leaving it to the last minute I managed to mess up the image on the nail. I was annoyed at myself but it wasn’t too noticeable so I left it as it was.

Can you see the mistakes?
Simple lesson here, don’t leave your holiday nail art until the hour before you depart for the airport! I think I squeezed the stamper as I was applying it to the image has split and moved a touch. However from a normal distance my nails still looked epic so I was happy with it.

To finish it all off I topped my mani with Glisten & Glow’s Quick dry topcoat.

It took me around an hour to create this manicure. I was worried it would chip and be ruined before I came back to repair it but it survived the whole week with no damage and still looked good for another 3 days.

Overall I think this design was great, I just rushed it!

I love how bright this was, and the fact that even though I only used 3 colours, you can see 5!


Thanks for reading.

And here for anyone interested is #mynailsandtheVatican 

Thats totally a thing! 😂

Ciao bella 😘

Kat X


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