Rio Meebox Review

Hi all.

July’s Meebox is here!

The theme this month is…


The home of scantily clad women walking the beaches, the Christ the Redeemer statue, the Carnival with more scantily clad women and for this year, The 2016 Olympics!

When I heard what the theme was I had a ponder of what the goodies might be and I reached a conclusion. This month could be a great divider. When I think of Rio, I think the carnival. To me this means bright neon’s, shimmery metals, feathers, jewels and beads. However you could also imagine the Brazilian flag with its vivid green, yellow and blue pattern.

Now for anyone who follows my blog, you will know I have an odd relationship with green. It’s my Marmite. I either love it or completely hate it. So imagining a green polish arriving in my box made me a little hesitant. However when I thought about it, they could send me a polish I have never tried or seen before and I could love it. So I grit my teeth and hoped.

Here’s this months goodies

Okay, so here’s what we have. From left to right we have some Deco It nail stickers from IZ Beauty Of London, a blue Tweexy nail polish holder, Morgan Taylor in Later Alligator, Trust Fund Beauty in Denim With Diamonds and Models Own in Luis Lemon.

On first glance the colours are exactly what I expected but the goodies are not. Tweexy is a new brand that has blown up on social media recently. It’s a clever little gadget to help you hold the polish bottle whilst painting your nails. It’s been something I have wondered about but felt I wouldn’t ever really need, so it’s a nice surprise to have a proper look at one.

So let’s get into the swatches!

First up we have Models Own in Luis Lemon,

Luis Lemon, no white base

So as you can see Luis Lemon is bright, eye-catching and a little thin. It needs a good white base coat to really get the colour to pop. So after a little play around and 3 coats I admitted defeat and started again with a white base.

Luis Lemon, with white base

Once you have the white base coat it’s actually a gorgeous bright neon yellow. It only needs one coat once you have the white base. The formula is spot on and it paints on really well. It’s an unusual colour though. Could I see myself wearing on a normal basis? I’m not sure. I still haven’t decided if I like it. It’s absolutely perfect for a festival or night out if you want to stand out. I just don’t think its everyday wear.

This is currently on sale on Models Own website for £4.99. Models Own are known for their great prices and awesome ranges of polish so they are definitely worth a look. My personal favourites, the new Polish for Tans range!

Next up we have Morgan Taylor in Later Alligator,

Later Alligator



Ok I decided on first look that I didn’t really like the shade. It’s not quite a jewel green or a leaf green, it’s somewhere in between. The polish itself is made well. The formula is gorgeous and creamy and paints on really nicely. I can’t fault how lovely the formula is, I can however dislike the shade!

This isn’t currently for sale on the Morgan Taylor website so I couldn’t find a price but being a higher end brand they tend to sell for around £10. For me the £10 price range means I probably wouldn’t have bought it, and then I dislike the colour too so this is a definite no from me.

Lastly we have Trust Fund Beauty in Denim With Diamonds,

Denim With Diamonds

Trust Fund Beauty is a brand I haven’t heard of before. Once again Meebox surprises me with a new brand. This polish comes in its own little box which is decorated really nicely and as soon as I see it I love it! Blue is my jam! I love blue in any form but this one is prettier than most. It’s a little watery and thin so needed 3 coats for opacity. This does make the polish a little less than perfect in my eyes but the colour wins it back. Its a gorgeous denim blue with teeny little blue glitters in. In certain lights all you can see is the glitter which is lovely.

I can only find this for sale as a mini in a set. But there are other shades for sale at around $15. This is a bit pricey for me but the colour is amazing so I might be tempted to purchase it as a mini. I will be wearing this again!

Now we have the goodies,

Tweexy is the new fad product that has blown up in the nail world. I first saw it on Facebook and at least 3 of my friends suggested I should get it. I was a bit perplexed. I have painted my own nails for a very long time and luckily I have never spilt polish. I leave it standing on a sturdy surface and work around it. I don’t really understand how having a plastic ring on your finger in which you balance the polish, will help you not spill the polish BUT I am willing to try.

It’s a really straight forward product. Just pinch the little tabs to open the finger rings, slide your chosen fingers in and place your polish into the top. It’s a silicone based material so easily bendable, so any odd-shaped bottles should still fit with a little wiggle. Then you un-screw your lid and start to paint whilst balancing the bottle in the ring. Fiddly and will take practice for anyone set in their painting method but it could work really well for someone just starting in the painting game.

Tweexy is currently available in 3 shades, BonBon Pink, Spa Green and Sapphire Night. I have Saphire Night. They are only available on Amazon at the moment for $14.95. This is an expensive gadget for a niche selection of people. However I do know my beloved 70 year old Nan, Joyce, will enjoy playing with this when I send it to her!

And finally we have the Deco It nail stickers from IZ Beauty Of London. These don’t tend to be something I use very often. The images are floral and bird themed which works with the jungle and wildlife in Rio. I wanted to use them in a stacked stamping design so you could see leaves underneath them.

So I decided to use all my goodies at once.

My Rio Meebox nails

In my head I had visions of this luscious forest look with flowers and leaves and a cute blue macaw accent nail. It didn’t come together as I wanted as the colour palette is a little odd. However I love the macaw detail.

The stickers sadly didn’t work as well as I would have liked. I made sure my polish was all dry before I attempted to stick them down. Once I had affixed them as best I could I then top coated them. Within 15 minutes the edges had lifted. I kept adjusting them and pushing them down but they just wouldn’t stay put. I was really disappointed with the colours aswell. When I think of a jungle I think bright pink hibiscus and orange blooms. These were very muted and pale in comparison. I’m hoping that this was just due to the super bright neon base colour making them dull in comparison.

Overall I wasnt very happy with them and the way the worked so I wont be buying them again. I did find them for sale on the IZ Beauty of London website for £4, which is a good price IF they worked!

So this months box for me was very hit and miss. The products easily valued well over the £20 price range but they just weren’t for me. I’ll be selling on or gifting most of it as I wont be using them. However I do feel glad I discovered Trust Fund Beauty and got it for less than full price! So well done Meebox, still a great box but just not for me.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x

To become a subscriber or buy a one-off Meebox use the link below.



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