White and Black stamping nails

Hi all!

Recently in the nail community we came together to celebrate the life of a wonderful nail artist who sadly passed away.

Ane Li was a beautiful and talented 17 year old who created incredible and individual nail art. She was the very first account I saw on Instagram. I remember sitting there looking at the designs she created and thought to myself how I needed to do it. I kept thinking how incredible she was, then aged 16, and I promised myself I would try to recreate at least one of her designs.

That was almost 2 years ago and even now I watch her tutorials with awe.

When I heard she had passed away; to say I was devastated is an under statement. Ane Li inspired thousands of us to push ourselves. She inspired us all. I will always credit my step into the nail world down to her.

We all wanted to show her our respects in a way she would appreciate. It was agreed that on Monday 25th July 2016, her funeral date, we would recreate or repost some of her work using the hashtag #sharingtheloveforAneLi.

I had seen so many of her designs I loved and it was a hard choice as which to recreate. Ane was pretty famous for her amazing blended gradients and feather details. However Ane had very recently attempted stamping and I found a stamping design I loved.

So here is my white and black stamping design,


Its not an exact match for Ane Li’s design as I couldn’t get hold of the plate she used but to see her design and follow her tutorial use this link,


or search for @ane_li on social media,


I wont be doing a full and in depth tutorial for this design just because I feel Ane did all the work so she deserves the credit. Please go an check out her page. She was and will always be the most talented 17 year old I ever had the pleasure of meeting.

I hope that she is at peace and her family are feeling all the love we have been sending their way. Ane was a credit to you. She was a genuine sweetheart and we will miss her dearly.

Thank you for reading

Kat x


For anyone reading this that might be affected by depression or suicide please use these links to reach out,

UK hotline: 116 123

Website: http://www.samaritans.org/




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