Neon Stamping Nails

Hi all.

I’ve spoken in the past about a group of women who I have become extremely close to. 11 of us, sharing nail art and life stories and becoming almost sisters. Recently one of them, Lorna aka @thewellpolishedblog came up with her own hashtag #everydayisneonday. It was a great idea. All Lorna asked for was that you created a manicure using neon shades. That simple!

I have a whole set of gorgeous neon’s from my darling Danglefoot Nail Polish and even though I love them I haven’t worn them much. This was the perfect opportunity to get them back onto my digits again!

So here is my #everydayisneonday Neon Stamping design.

To start off this design I used Break The Rules, Spike The Punch and Make An Entrance from the Danglefoot Live Colourfully collection. I have previously reviewed this collection and you can read my thoughts here;


I didn’t use a white base as these bad boys just don’t need it. Hayley knows how to make damn good polish!

Once the gradient base had mostly dried I topped it with Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl Quick Dry Topcoat.


After all those beautiful designs from Lorna with black stamping over the top that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I found the perfect pattern on one of my Uber chic plates.

Uber Chic Plate 1-01

To get this perfect stamp I used my new favourite product, Mundo de Unas (MDU)

This is a newish brand which I hadn’t heard of until very recently. Mexican based; they are relatively new on the UK nail art scene. I heard some amazing reviews of the brand and decided to take the plunge myself. The website is pretty straight forward to follow and for 2 polishes I paid £9, which considering the postage is a really good price. They arrived within 3 weeks, which is the expected delivery time. I was pleased to discover they were delivered Royal Mail Signed For so that MDU could have a record of delivery.

On first glance the bottles are a good size and are easy to hold. The lid is large enough to get a good grip and the bottle opened easily. I always open and do an initial check of any polish I buy and straight away this brand has an extremely pungent smell. Similar in strength to white spirit or petrol, it will burn your air ways if you breathe this in too long! This does mean that whenever I use it I aim to be near a window in a well ventilated room. Polish always tends to have a noxious smell but this one is pretty powerful however it only marks it down minimally in my eyes.

Making sure that my cuticles were fully covered with liquid latex I went ahead with the stamping. Uber chic stamping plates are so easy to work with. I always manage to get a great pick up, this could also be because I always use my Creative Shop Stamper from Rainbow Connection.

MDU Black Stamping Polish


Once the stamp was positioned where I wanted the design, it went on in under 10 minutes. Easy and quick. I then peeled off the liquid latex and topped with another coat of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Topcoat.


Overall I loved this design. It was incredibly bright and eye catching. I spent many an hour staring at my nails whilst I wore this design.

As far as recreating this is pretty straight forward to follow if you have a basic knowledge of gradients and stamping, otherwise this is an advanced design. It’s well worth having a go at it purely for the gorgeous neon colours!

Hopefully Lorna likes what I’ve done and people keep posting on the #everydayisneonday hashtag.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To purchase any MDU products please use the link below,



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