Dinosaur Nails

Hi all.

With the sudden surge of lovely weather my head has been filled with lots of bright and Summer colour designs. However this past week there was a special day out planned. My friend Alex Cowle, owner of ABC Crafts, and I fancied treating my son Finlay to a fun day out. Alex looked around and found that at our local theme park Gulliver’s Land Milton Keynes had recently opened another park which is themed around dinosaurs. My little man has loved dinosaurs all his life so this was the perfect choice.

I had the idea to create a dinosaur design. I pondered about what I wanted to do and saw a design on YouTube created by an account I hadn’t heard of before called NaileditNZ. She had a really easy to follow tutorial on YouTube and I decided to follow it exactly.

Here is what I ended up with!

T-rex Silhouette

and to make the other hand more my own I added a Pterodactyl,

Pterodactyl Silhouette

I was extremely pleased with how they came out considering I hand painted on BOTH hands! Clearly the gods of nail art were watching over me this day!

To start it all off I used Barry M Cotton to paint a white base on all my nails. I then used a liquid latex product all around my cuticles to keep clean up to a minimum.

Once the white base had all dried I used Barry M Lemon Ice, Cotton and Blueberry to create the skyline background.


To top it all off I used HK Girl’s Glisten & Glow’s quick dry topcoat to seal it all in whilst I prepped my brushes and O.P.I Lady In Black.

Following the YouTube video, I noticed how NaileditNZ used a dotting technique to create a guide for the silhouette. She decided where she wanted the limbs to go and placed a small dot for a guideline. Her advice was to start really slim and small to build up definition.

To get the tiny lines and details I used my Kolinsky #09 nail art brush. I started with the tail and worked my way across until I was happy with the silhouette shape. Slow brush strokes and little movements are the key here!

Once I had finished I topped it all off with Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Topcoat.

This design was not easy at all. I’m glad I started small so as I worked I could see whether I needed to change anything.

It was a really eye catching design and I received lots of compliments on them.


We had a great day at the dinosaur park. Finlay spent the whole day running around chasing dinosaurs. Its a really good day out for anyone near Milton Keynes with dinosaur enthusiasts.

I loved my nails and will be attempting something similar again.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To watch the YouTube video created by NaileditNZ, use this link:







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