Tiger in the Jungle nails

Hi all!

Recently I’ve had such a surge of interest in people reading my blog and following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Firstly I want to thank all of my loyal readers and followers for keeping this hobby fun, building my confidence everyday and becoming my extended family. I also want to welcome the new visitors to the fold. I constantly aim to challenge myself, so I’m hoping this is why your all here. Stick around to see me continue to grow and learn.

So anyway, welcome one and all!

Today’s design is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but never felt confident enough to attempt. I’ve only just been able to successfully stamp onto my nails. It’s been a long-awaited dream of mine and the ideas have brewed for what feels like forever. Finally I got my hands on some plates (I say some, by this I now mean around 25!) and decided now is the time to experiment and do some of these designs.

This is one of them,

DSCN1382 (4).JPG
Tiger in the Jungle

It’s pretty good right?!

Okay to create this design I started with 2 coats of Nails Inc Queen Elizabeth Street on all my fingers accept the accent nails. It’s a great formula actually. I’m not a huge lover of Nails Inc after a bad experience with some Christmas goodies I received a while back. However this polish is really rather nice. A gorgeous emerald green shade that dries well and paints on super easily. On the accent nails I used one coat of O.P.I Alpine Snow.

Whilst this all dried I got to work on my tiger decal.

I recently treated myself to set 1 of the Fuzzy and Ferocious stamping plate bundles on Rainbow Connection. It was a great deal at £15 for 10 Bundle Monster plates. I spotted the tiger design straight away so of course I snapped them up!

To create the tiger decal I used my new favourite stamping polish brand, Mundo Des Unas. This is a little known Mexican brand who ship internationally. I ordered and received my goodies within 3 weeks. The postage is reasonable considering where its come from but once you see their stock you would pay anything for them! One brush stroke across the plate, scrape down once and stamp. Easy, simple and so damn satisfying.

DSCN1382 (7)
Bottle shot of MDU Black Stamping Polish

As said the plate was part of a set from Rainbow Connection UK but the plate is available for single purchase at Bundle Monster for $2.49.

DSCN1382 (8)
BM-S151 Wild Eyes

Once the image on the stamp had dried I then used Barry M Mango, Essence L.O.L and O.P.I Alpine snow to paint in the tiger details. This is referred to as the reverse stamping method. Once all the polish had dried I then topped it all with a layer of Glisten and Glow’s HK Quick Dry Topcoat. This is to seal in the design into a kind of sticker which you can peel off the stamping head and then place on the nail in the position you wish with all the bits coloured in. It’s a fiddly technique which requires a steady hand and patience but the results are beautiful as you can see!

So to allow time for the tiger decal to be completely dry I then began stamping on the leaves to create a jungle scene. I’ve had this Mo-You Tropical Plate for well over a year and I’ve finally got round to using it! Sadly once I started the process I realised that the images on the plate are far too small for my nails. I had to manoeuver myself into all sorts of angles to try to get the images to stretch a little on the stamper but to no avail. However the plate worked so well I will just be passing it on to one of my smaller nail sisters and keeping my eyes open for the XL variety Mo-You sell.

DSCN1382 (9)
Mo-You Tropical collection Plate 12

To stamp the leaves on I used an Essence UK polish called L.O.L. It’s such an acid yellow green colour I’ve never worn it before but it looked perfect against the emerald green base. It also stamped beautifully. Considering I only paid £1.28 for it, it’s a great little polish. It’s just not my colour.

DSCN1382 (5)
Bottle shot of Essence L.O.L

So once all the leaf details had dried and been top coated I began the process of shaping and prepping the tiger decal. The decals tend to be much larger than what you require so normally need a little trimming. This can be done with a small pair of nail scissors or even a smaller pair of normal scissors. Once trimmed to the right size I placed a thin coat of top coat on the nail to give the decal something to stick to. I then pushed the image on just using my fingers. Once safely fixed down I then began trimming even more so the image sat nicely on my nail. To get the perfect clean image I then used my Twinkled T clean up brush dipped in pure acetone to sculpt the edges to the shape of my cuticle. This is the biggest part of making a decal. The clean up has to be precise so you cannot see the edges against the other polish.

Once this was all done and dry I top coated with the one and only Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl Top Coat to give it this glossy finish.

I am so happy with how this turned out! Any of us nail girls love it when a plan comes together. When you’ve seen a design in your head for so long you just want to do it justice and I feel I did.

I would say to recreate this you would need time, a steady hand and an intermediate to advanced knowledge of stamping. Its taken me almost 2 years to conquer stamping so give yourself time if you’re not quite there yet. Keep practising! No one is a professional at something on their first attempt. Trust me, the amount of times I threw a tantrum because it wasn’t working is quite high! Just keep trying. That’s all it takes.

I will be doing a full review about my MDU Stamping goodies so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you so much for reading!

Kat x


To purchase the Fuzzy and Ferocious plate bundle please use this link


To purchase the plate individually use this link






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