Danglefoot Once Upon A Time Duo – Snow and Charming

Hi all!

My darling Hayley over at Danglefoot Nails is a fellow lover of Once Upon A Time. A series based around the idea that all the fairy tales we were told as kids actually exist in different realms and the characters play out their stories, falling in love and fighting evil on a daily basis. Its a really great idea and I’ve loved it from the start. I recently went through and watched all of series 5 on Netflix and to say it was emotional is a slight understatement! Anyway, from the begining it has centered around a character called Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. Their story is full of twists and turns but through out they are so madly in love with each other. Relationship goals for sure!

Hayley came up with the idea to create duo sets using characters from the OUAT (Once Upon A Time) universe with help from some of her favourite nail girls. This set is based on Snow White and Prince Charming.

Snow and Charming
The story in OUAT follows the same story as the fairytale. Snow White is the step daughter of the Evil Queen who curses her to eternal sleep, she awakes from her curse with loves true kiss from Prince Charming. They then get engaged to be married and thats when the story changes a little. Hayley left the colour creation down to her chosen nail girl but she wanted a snowy white for Snow and a holographic green for Charming. The green being due to the peridot engagement ring Charming gives Snow in OUAT.

I loved the choices instantly and snapped the set up as soon as I could.

So first up we have Snow,

Danglefoot Snow
This is such a pretty white colour. You might not see it but there are tiny little iridescent green flakes in the polish, green glitters and scattered holo pigment too. At quick glance its your average jelly white but up close its full of sparkly green goodness. This is 3 coats with no top coat. Its such an unusual formula I instantly loved it. There wont be any other whites like this around. This was on sale as part of the duo for £9 but due to it being limited edition Hayley no longer sells this beauty. Very happy I got it when I did. Perfect formula, dries really nicely and looks gorgeous on. Top marks Hayley!

Next up we have Charming,

DSCN1382 (3)
Danglefoot Charming
Usually I dont like greens. I can tolerate pastels and neons but other greens dont do it for me. This however is lovely. The polish has a gorgeous scattered holographic pigment in it so it catches the light at all angles. Such a soft pastel green that I couldnt not like it. This is 2 coats with no top coat. It applies really well, dries perfectly and I love it. I will be wearing this again, its so lovely. Great work as always Hayley, its such a gorgeous colour.

So as with any of Hayley’s creations, I love it. She knows her stuff this lady! She is having a small break from making due to moving home but is hoping to return to normal around September – October 2016. Fingers crossed it happens sooner so I can purchase all her new goodies. She will be doing another OUAT duo when the shop reopens, any guesses who it might be? Keep your eyes peeled! 

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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