Splash! Meebox Review

Hi all!

So after last month’s epic Rihanna Meebox I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with for the next theme. As a heads up for subscribers Meebox sends out a sneak peek email to let you decide if you might be interested in the next box. The email came and I knew straight away I would love it!

This months theme was simply called,


For anyone who knows me or has spent enough time with me I am obsessed with mermaids. I am adamant that somewhere in my blood I am part mermaid. I’ve swam all my life and always felt an affinity with water. I feel most like myself whenever I’m near the ocean and if the chance ever arose for me to float off into the depths as Triton’s newest daughter, I’m outta here!

So with the title being Splash! and the email containing mermaid logos I practically wet my pants with glee!

We were told that this month was a UK indie maker take over. No names or details. So the suspense was running high. Finally my box arrived and the goodies were here!

June Meebox Polish – A England

The Indie brand for this month turned out to be A England which is a brand I had yet to try but had ogled at for months. I’ve always liked polish with whimsical names and A England does just that.

I also received shell studs from She Sells Seashells, who is a UK shop I’ve purchased from before. I have actually just run out of my mermaid themed studs so I was super happy to receive these.

Some cute mermaid scale vinyl’s were also in the box. Sadly mine were damaged due to a sticky box malfunction but within hours I had replacements being sent directly in the post. Customer Service = 10/10!

Then there was a liquid latex product from a company called Mini Mani Moo Nails. I’ve heard some great things about this latex so wanted to put it through its paces.

So first up we have Gloriana,

A England Gloriana

This colour is not something I would normally go for. I tend to avoid brassy and rusty shades just due to personal preference so I was a little unsure about this one. Once painted on it takes on a more red to copper tone rather than rust coloured. And the adding of gold glitter gives it a sparkle as you can see in the photo. This was 2 coats with no topcoat. It doesn’t need it really. It settles really nicely, the brush is wide enough to get a smooth coat all over the nail without much hassle and it dries pretty fast too. Currently on sale on A England’s website for £11 including postage. For me this polish is lovely and I was surprised how nice it looked once on but I find the £11 price tag hard to stomach.

Next up we have The Blessed Damozel,

A England The Blessed Damozel

I love this shade! Its a dark, deep shade of aubergine purple. In certain lights its practically black which kept me entertained for a while, wiggling my nails in my own world! This is one coat with no top coat. Again it doesn’t need it. The soft velvet shimmer it has is prettier without the topcoat I think. Again its currently on sale on the A England website for £11 with postage. I will be wearing this again as I love it but sadly I don’t like the £11 tag.

Lastly we have Whispering Waves,

A England Whispering Waves

Blue is my favourite colour. Again I think this is due to the mermaid complex I have. I have more blues in my collection than any other colour, and my wardrobe is pretty much the same. However with all the blues I have I don’t have anything like this. This is stunning! A gorgeous bright turquoise holographic polish which I love. This is 2 coats with no top coat. I honestly love this shade so much I will be using it all the time. As with the other’s this is also on sale on A England’s website for £11 including postage. For this one, I might be tempted to spend that much, as I really do like it.


I wanted to create a design using all 3 shades and some of the other goodies. I had a few ideas as to what I wanted to do but then everyone else had the same idea. There were beautiful mermaid scale mani’s everywhere I looked! So I had a rethink and went for an underwater theme instead.

Underwater nails

To create this I used Whispering Waves as a base. I coated the edge of my cuticles in the Mini Mani Moo Liquid Latex to protect my skin. I then used 2 Bundle Monster plates, The Blessed Damozel and Gloriana to create the seaweed and shells. For the seaweed it was the usual stamping method, however for the shells I had to do a reverse stamp as Gloriana wasn’t great as a stamping polish. I can only think this is due to the glittery consistency of the polish.

I then added on the gold sea shell and silver starfish studs at the base of my nail to create a sea bed look.

I also couldn’t resist adding a little jellyfish into the design. This was created using a new white stamping polish I received from a Mexican based company called Mundo Des Unas. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review of those goodies later on.

I really like this design. I love the way that The Blessed Damozel has stamped perfectly. I also love the cute shell details at my cuticle line.

So overall this month’s Meebox goodies were a huge hit with me! I love the fact its given me a chance to try a brand I hadn’t already tried. I’m pleased a company like She Sells Seashells is getting some well deserved air time as her products are amazing. I also enjoyed using and experimenting with the Mini Mani Moo Liquid Latex. A very useful tool for any nail artist.

So well done Meebox, another smasher!

I have already seen next months theme and it has me so curious. Will it be as good as this one? Only a few weeks left before we find out!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To become a Meebox subscriber or to purchase a one off box please use the link below:


To purchase any A England products please use this link:




12 thoughts on “Splash! Meebox Review”

    1. It’s such a specific theme isn’t it so everyone’s going the same way. With your crazy long nails you have space to do loads of pretty stuff! Thanks for reading it sweetie 😘❤️


      1. Sadly no, I had quite a lot of staining and when I tried to remove it with pure acetone it just stained my skin and cuticles in the process. Such a shame as its a gorgeous shade but I won’t be wearing it again now x😪


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