ABC Crafts inspired nails

Hi all!

Recently in one of previous posts I mentioned my friend Alex Cowle. This lady, who I met on a complete fluke, has become one of my closest and dearest friends. She took the time to help me when no one else would, she listens and supports whenever she can and she has a wicked sense of humour too.

When we met she told me about her craft business ABC Crafts. She deals mostly in creating cute little items all in felt. However recently she has branched out into individual pieces of button jewellery. On one of our recent tea and catch up meets she gifted me a gorgeous pair of vintage button earrings she had made herself.


They are so cute and delicate looking. Whenever I’ve worn them people have commented on how lovely they are. So I knew I wanted to try and recreate the same pattern onto my mini canvases!

ABC Craft inspired nails

I wanted to mimic the colours as closely as possible so needed a skin toned nude for the base and a shiny striking blue for the flowers. I have far too many nudes now but I knew the perfect match would be Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Polish in Skinny Dip.

Bottle shot of Barry M Coconut Infusion in Skinny Dip

It took 2 coats for a perfect smooth base. Being a Barry M polish it paints on so nicely and dries reasonably fast too. The fan shaped brushes also make application super easy.

To create the blue floral pattern on top I used an A England polish. I was lucky enough to receive 3 of these stunners in this months Meebox (review coming soon!)

This blue shimmery number is Whispering Waves

Bottle shot of A England in Whispering Waves

I was impressed with how easily this polish stamped! I wasn’t expecting it to work and then this happened! Flawless stamping!

To mimic the floral pattern on the earrings I looked for a vintage floral stamping plate. I found I already owned the perfect one. This is one of the Uberchic stamping plates I bought from She Sells Seashells.

Uberchic stamping plate 6-03

After my massive success with the Creative Shop stamping set I went straight for that this time too. I cannot explain how easily it picks up. I didn’t need to redo any, I got a perfect pick up every single time. It’s fast become the ONLY way I will stamp now.

Once all my nails had the floral stamps on I then topped it all off with CND Vinylux 7 day Strength Gel Topcoat.

Overall I love how these turned out. The stamping details are so small but so clear to see. Every single leaf and petal has come out perfectly. Its such a simple and easy way to create such an intricate looking design.

So in honour of my gorgeous friend and her very crafty business here is my ABC Crafts inspired design.




Now if you ever want awesome personalised gifts, made by hand by a very talented lady then ABC Crafts is the place to look. She has a mind full of crazy ideas which she makes just for fun but is also willing to accept any request within her means. She also makes glasses cases, brooches, key rings and plenty of other goodies. Please take a minute and go check her out. All of her selling pages and social media accounts will be posted below.

Thanks for reading.

Kat x


Alex Cowle: Owner of ABC Crafts

Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ABCCraftsGB?ref=shop_sugg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A.b.c.crafts123/?pnref=story



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