The Sisterhood: Marble Mani Collab

Hi all.

I’ve been a part of the nail community for almost 2 years now. I’ve made friends along the way, some of which I’ve even met in person. Then at the beginning of this year I was asked to take part in a ‘Meet the Maker’ post for Danglefoot Nails. Hayley wanted to show her regular customers to the world in a post using their photos. To do this she made a group chat and chucked us all in. To start with it was mostly polite chit-chat and sending the photos Hayley needed but a few of us began to bond. Mostly over nail art but then shockingly we had some crazy similarities. The massive group chat whittled down to 11 of us and another group was born.

These women range from 19 – 45. You would think that many years difference would make friendship hard, but in all honesty, it helps. Having so many different experiences under our belt collectively, we can always help each other.

Boyfriend troubles? Eating issues? Work drama? Fuck it, we’ve seen it all!

And those 10 women have oddly enough gone from being complete strangers who I wouldn’t have known in a crowd, to the closest most loving group of friends I have. I love and cherish them all dearly.

We became known as The Sisterhood of The Epic Penis, or The Sisterhood for short. Please don’t ask me to explain why we are called that, it’s a long and penis filled story!

Anyway I haven’t gone a day without talking to these women and I thank my lucky stars for them.

Mushy bit over.

During a recent conversation a few of us decided to try to put together a collaboration manicure. It was quick, with hardly any planning and only 4 out of the 11 being able to do it. Fingers crossed the next one is planned better!

So the plan was to create a marble stone design. Here’s what we did.

Marble Mani Collab

Damn these ladies are talented!

In clockwise order we have,

@polisheddreams_ aka Abigail

@freyahowden aka Freya

@klenails aka Me

@lulus_nailarts aka Lulu

If you don’t already follow these beauties then go do it now.


So to create this look I started with a classic white base. For this I used O.P.I Alpine Snow. I’m not sure if its only me but sometimes O.P.I is amazing and then other times it needs 3 or 4 coats and looks a mess. This time was a bad time. Thankfully once I added the marble details on top it became less noticeable.

Bottle shot of O.P.I Alpine Snow

To create the marble details I used the water marble technique (dropping polish into water to create nail art) which I then sprayed with hair spray. Hairspray you ask? Yep. When the polish is in water the formula becomes easier to work with on a chemical level. By spraying anything with an alcohol content ie hairspray, into the polish it causes it to separate. This creates a stringy almost bubble like effect in which you dip your nails into. Then Ta da! Beautiful detailed nail art.

For this design I used O.P.I Lady in Black and Barry M Foil Effects in Gold.

Bottle shot of Barry M Foil Effects in Gold

To top it all off I would normally always reach for Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Quick Dry Topcoat but sadly mine is empty! So I instead used my second option CND Vinylux 7 day Gel Strength Topcoat.

Even though the design was stunning on its own I really fancied adding some gold details to my cuticle line. To do this I simply used a tiny dot of nail glue, which you can purchase in pretty much every beauty store, and then attached some studs from Born Pretty Store. I got a whole charm wheel of the things for $2.99!

That’s it! Looks super hard to create but was reasonably easy. I would say this is an intermediate design just for the watermarble element.

So there it is, the marble mani collab.



Thanks for reading!

And like I already said, go follow those ladies. You wont be disappointed!

Keep your eyes peeled for Sisterhood collabs in the future!

Kat x




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