My first successful stamping EVER!

Hi all!

A few months back I invested in the creative shop stamper set from Rainbow Connection in the hopes it would miraculously cure my stamping inadequacy. I then received a clear stamper in my Meebox subscription box. When it arrived I was amazed how easy it was to see the image your trying to pick up. But I couldn’t get a decent pick up at all. I tried most of the polishes I own and began to wonder what I was doing wrong. I asked around for advice and found others were having the same problem. I was also advised to use Barry M polish for any stamping as it’s a thick enough consistency to pick up a good image in detail. With this in mind I stepped back from stamping, reassessed my set up and promised to try again at a later date.

In my recent support of Lauren’s Kickstarter campaign I managed to make some cute little decals using the reverse stamping method. Part of my thinks maybe it was a fluke, another part of me thinks its because I wasn’t really trying and the other part thinks that maybe I can stamp after all!

So I decided to try again!

To start off with I knew I wanted to use Shake Your Tail Feather which is a gorgeous deep flakie blue polish made by my spirit animal Hayley aka Danglefoot Nail Polish. It’s a typical Danglie polish. Amazing consistency, opaque in 2 coats, dried like a dream.

It’s perfect as always!

Shake Your Tail Feather

I wore this on it’s own for 3 days as I couldn’t bear to stamp over it straight away. When I eventually did get round to stamping over it I wanted a mermaid scale design to fit with deep blue polish. I found a scale like pattern on my Bundle Monster Stamping Plate ‘Beachy Keen’ (BM-XL24)

Using Barry M Silver Foil Effects polish I painted it onto the image I wanted, scraped off the excess and stamped down hoping for a miracle. Somehow, I completed a whole manicure using a stamp!

Here’s what I ended up with,

Bottle shot of Barry M Silver Foil Effects

To say I’m pleased with the result is an under statement! I love how detailed the stamp is. There are some intricate lines I was adamant I wouldn’t pick up but they are all there. The silver polish picks up the light and reflects them so you can see the design easily but also still see the polish underneath. I was worried my nails would be too long for the image and that I’d have to mess about with stretching and reshaping it. Thankfully, the plate was large enough even for my nails.

I knew I wanted to add something on top of the design to create an encrusted effect. I used a selection of silver holographic mini glitters from The Sparkly Shop and a few studs from Born Pretty store which have an opalescent look to them.

Overall I’m so happy with the result!

I shall continue to explore and learn the stamping method. It clearly comes down to having a awesome stamper set, good polish and patience.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



To purchase any of the above products use the links below:

Plate: http://www.bundlemonster.com/full-nail-designs-xl-stamping-plate-bm-xl24-beachy-keen-12332.html?

Stamping set: http://rainbow-connection.co.uk/collections/stampers/products/stamper-scraper-from-creative-shop

Studs: http://www.bornprettystore.com/10pcsset-sparkling-water-drop-flat-back-nail-studs-charming-nail-decoration-p-16682.html

Glitter: http://sparklyshop.com/product/holo-mini-hexes/



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