RiRi Meebox Review

Hi all.

Last month was my first month of receiving Meebox, but sadly with holidays, birthdays and illness I never got a proper chance to review the goodies. However for a first box I was smitten! Then I received the email declaring this months theme.


Rihanna is well known in the nail art world as being one of the front runners in unusual and striking nails. Super long stiletto shaped nails covered in jewels, bling and colour. Plus she has the amazing hand tattoos! She is a definite woman crush of mine!

Image credit: Google

Straight away I imagined hot sultry reds, diamonds, glitter and edgy nail art. I wasn’t disappointed.

RiRi Meebox May 2016

Firstly, the fact that my FAVOURITE UK Indie brand Danglefoot is in here makes this box amazing. Hayley Bull, creator of Danglefoot, has become one of my closest friends who I now view more like a Sister. Any promotion of her brand and her obvious talents is great news.

So first up from this box we have O.P.I Nail Envy Nail Strengthener.

O.P.I Nail Strengthener

This is a product that I’ve heard so many good things about. Nearly all of the American and Australian bloggers I follow use this product. It suggests that it uses wheat protein and calcium to promote healthy strong nails. Being a mini bottle it didn’t come in the usual packaging. However after all the blogs I’ve seen using it I knew it needs 2 coats as a base coat under any polish you may wear. As soon as I painted it on it did feel like my nails were much more protected. I left this base coat on for a day with no polish and no damage occurred to my nails. I then used it as a base coat under other polish for a further 3 days and they were still protected. This product is normally on sale for around £12 for a full size 15ml bottle. I would buy it again but do find the price tag a little steep.

Next up from the box there are these awesome RiRi inspired temporary tattoos from a company called Rad Nails

Your Point? Temporary Tattoo’s – Rad Nails

I have always loved the intricate henna designs people wear on their hands. Also Rihanna’s hand tattoo’s look amazing too. Sadly I’m allergic to the base ingredient of henna so I’ve never had the chance to wear anything like it. Luckily these tattoos are just the basic transfers that we all wore as kids. The instructions are simple. Cut out the sizes that you require, peel off any covering, place against skin in desired pattern and dab with water until the image transfers from the backing paper onto the skin. I managed to do 8 fingers within 10 minutes. And straight away I love them. So much so I even pondered getting permanent ones!

These are currently on sale for $6 on the Rad Nails website. I have already planned to buy some more as I LOVE THEM! Thanks Meebox for introducing this company to me!

The next polish I received was Leah from the Zoya Natural Satins range

Zoya Satin Leah

I don’t have any polish that dries to a satin texture so this was a new one for me. Its a delicious nude cream shade which looks great on slightly darker skin. Perfect for Rihanna! This is 2 coats and no topcoat. You can see the dulled shine look in the picture. Exactly like a satin dress. The formula was lovely and easy to apply.

Currently on sale on the Zoya website for $10, which is a tad pricey for me. However, I love the way it looks on and I only paid £20 for the whole box so I’m more than happy.

Next up there’s Love My Team from Wah London

Love My Team

This is the red I imagined! Sultry, hot and sexy; this red is right up my street. This is the perfect RiRi shade.

I haven’t used any Wah London cosmetics before so this was my first experience. This is a one coater, no fuss or mess. I did do a second coat and found that although the formula is lovely; without enough drying time in between layers I was smudging the bottom coat. This red is the exact shade I love to wear. So much so I wore this polish for 3 days after this swatch. I did notice that after day 1 I had some damage to the polish and by day 3 it was badly chipped. This was whilst wearing topcoat too. That was the only real disappointment I had with the polish. Sadly this does mean that I wont be buying it again. Currently on sale for £9 on the Wah London website, this is a lovely shade but just not hard wearing enough for me.

Finally we have the gorgeous Higitis Figitis from Danglefoot Polish

Higitis Figitis

Before we begin just look at that holo! This polish is filled to the brim with beautiful sparkly holo goodness. It’s a true black holographic, and the first I’ve worn and actually seen the holo this bright. It needs only one coat and no top coat. The black is so damn dark that it is opaque no matter how thin you paint it on. I don’t need to say how amazing this is. Anyone who buys Danglefoot polish knows the score. The price, the colours and of the course the genius behind it; are all perfect! Currently not available due to a short shop closure for Hayley but normally around £6 a bottle. Its worth every single penny!

I am hoping to do a RiRi themed mani using all these polishes soon!

So my first blog about Meebox.

My thoughts?

This is by far the best subscription service I’ve found so far. They hands down smash companies like Nailbox out of the competition. The brands are either new to me or my favourites. The accessories and shades fit the theme perfectly, unlike Nailbox who seemed to just give up on their themes at one point. The price is £20 per month for a box of goodies delivered to your door. Who doesn’t love goodies in the post? I am more than happy to promote this service to others and cannot wait for next months box. The theme has already been revealed and I’m super excited!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To start a subscription to Meebox or look into a one of box please use the link below:





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  1. Great review. Meebox do everything so well, the themes, the mix and standard of brands, and they are so engaged with their customers on social media which really makes you feel part of the ‘family’. Other subscription box services should take note! 😉 x

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