Barry M Molten Metals collection

Hi all.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Barry M polish. The range of colours, the styles and all for such a reasonable price. Also its a British based company so its easy to get your hands on in most high street beauty shops.

Recently Barry M teased their loyal fans with a snap of a new collection which was being released alongside the Lolly Gloss collection. As soon as I saw the collection was named Molten Metals I was sold.


I managed to get the whole set from Superdrug, which at the time was holding a deal. Money saved and polish bought!

So up first up here’s the swatches.

Gold Digger
Silver Lining
Copper Mine
Bronze Bae

Now typical of Barry M polishes, the formula for these is perfect. Considering they have a grainy texture with all the shimmer and glitter they still apply super easily. All of these swatches are 2 coats of polish and no top coat. In all honesty they don’t need a top coat as they shine so nicely on their own! The brushes were similar to the Lolly Gloss collection in the sense that they were more fanned. This just makes it even easier to apply the polish without much need for clean up.

I did have a little play with them and they do watermarble and stamp, although the stamping looks best over black. I sadly didn’t photograph either of these designs as I was half asleep! However there are plenty of ladies on Instagram who have already stamped beautifully with them.

The drying speed for all 4 polish was really impressive. Dry to the touch within the time I had painted one hand. As previously said the above photos are 2 coats of polish however for a more sheer glitter effect the brush could be wiped off and used in the dry brush technique to create minimum glitter. Also unlike most glitter or shimmer polish these do not need the sponge on technique, which saves time and mess!


There isn’t anything bad I can say about this collection, only that I hope they introduce more shades in the future! I would happily recommend these to a friend and I will be using them in my designs in the future. Even without the Superdrug deal I would have bought the whole collection in a snap as the shades are gorgeous.

Personally, I love Copper Mine. It’s such an unusual shade of metal but its so pretty I couldn’t not love it!

Because I love them so much I did squeeze in a quick design using Gold Digger and a Jamberry wrap I had lying around. The wrap is from the Gatsby collection, gifted to me by Ellie.

Wearing Gold Digger and Jamberry wrap Gatsby


Overall, they are perfect!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x



To purchase any Jamberry products shown please use the link below:


3 thoughts on “Barry M Molten Metals collection”

  1. I love the collection, have yet to get them but know I can get them all due to their fab affordable price. Huge fan of Barry M, they do wonderful polishes and the value is always nuts. Great post, your nails are stunning xx

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