Twinkled T #02 Kolinsky Clean Up Brush review

Hi everyone.

Recently I was looking for a new clean up brush after my one had dissolved. It tends to happen to all my clean up brushes. Mostly due to the amount of pure acetone I use but occasionally due to the general cheap and tatty materials used to make them.

Since I started doing nail art I’ve always just used an angled eye liner brush which tends to finish in a triangular shape. This was so I could arch it round my cuticles to wipe away any excess polish I didn’t need without damaging any nail art I had. They were pretty good for the first few weeks but I would slowly start to notice the brush would become sticky. The bristles would start to meld together and I would struggle to clean even a little smudge on my skin. I’d just got to that point where I needed a strong and reliable clean up brush which would last.

I did my research and read reviews on amazon and found the Twinkled T selection of brushes. They have a few different types to choose from but then I spotted the #02 clean up brush. It was love at first sight!


The brush comes in this cute pink colour with a see through handle. Inside the handle is a selection of clear crystals which add an elegant touch. The lid and handle is made of aluminium which is acetone resistant. The lid pops on perfectly leaving the bristles all protected when you aren’t using it. Also the hairs themselves are Kolinsky hair.

Kolinsky hair is renowned for being the best kind to use in nail art brushes because they are long lasting and durable. They hold their shape really well and as long as they are treated and cared for properly these brushes should last for years!


It easy to hold even for my tiny hands and I love using it. It has made the process of cleaning up even the toughest of polish smudges so easy.

As you can see from the brush shown in the below picture, it isn’t angled. I was so used to the angled brushes that I was adamant that this wouldn’t work but I was so wrong. The brush has been trimmed and shaped into a thin soft point.


This has made cleaning around the edges of my nails easier than before. Where a angled brush tends to need a lot of acetone and pressure to remove stubborn marks this brush literally needs no force behind it at all. One dunk in the acetone and its ready to go. Just a simple swipe round the edge of my nail and near the cuticle line if needed; and your ready to go!

Please excuse the dry cuticles, I’d just washed up!

Shown here is the brush getting down the side of my nail easily.

To clean the brush after use I simply dip it into acetone again, wipe any liquid off onto a paper towel and then coat the hair in oil. This is to help keep the hairs from drying out and becoming damaged.

Super simple and straight forward clean up!


At a price of $12.99 (around £10) it may seem a little steep. However if properly cared for after every use this brush is an investment. I use it so often it has become my favourite piece of equipment. I love how expensive and elegant the handle looks and the metallic feel. The hairs are super soft and pliable and do the job perfectly.

Would I recommend this to a friend?

Yes. I already do and will continue to do so. This is one very happy customer!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x

To purchase this brush or any of Twinkled T’s products please use the following link:



5 thoughts on “Twinkled T #02 Kolinsky Clean Up Brush review”

  1. Love this review! Really glad to hear it’s acetone-proof too, I’ve always wondered about that.
    I’ve just ordered a new clean up brush because my favourite double-ended Revlon brush has been discontinued.

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