Barry M Limited Edition Lolly Gloss Collection

Hi all.

Sorry its been a little quiet from me for a while. We have had a family holiday and my little man turned 3, so my time has been limited.

I did however do lots of shopping whilst away from social media so I have loads to catch up on!

So to start with here are my swatches and thoughts on the Barry M Lolly Gloss collection.

Barry M Lolly Gloss Collection

There are currently only 4 polishes in the collection, all in fruity shades.

The polishes are sheer by nature. For anyone unsure of what that means; its when the polish has a see through jelly like consistency. These can be used as normal polishes or used to create a ‘pond’ or ‘jelly sandwich’ design. This is when you paint nail art between layers of sheer polish.

To make these even more exciting, the polishes are scented. Yep, you read that right. SCENTED!

Here they are all shown as 3 coats with no topcoat.

Pink Candy
Orange Fizz
Cherry Drop
Purple Pop


They smell delicious. I’ve never had a scented polish before so it was a lovely experience to get random bursts of yummy sweet smells whenever I was using my hands. They applied like a dream, as with any Barry M polish. I felt the brushes were a little wider than normal so made perfect coats easier to achieve. They can take a little longer than normal polish to dry but nothing too drastic.

The best bit about these is that shine. I didn’t use topcoat on any of them and look how shiny they are! In white light they were almost reflective! Very impressed.


I love them! I need a whole range of colours now. I would love a blue, green and yellow. Could you imagine the beautiful designs you could make with those colours? After looking around I’ve seen a design using these and a holographic base polish that I cant wait to try.


Thanks for reading.

Kat x


8 thoughts on “Barry M Limited Edition Lolly Gloss Collection”

    1. They are very similar to the Color paints but I’d say these are a little thicker in consistency in comparison. And I did manage a watermarble when playing around, just couldn’t get the damn thing on my nails right! Lol x

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