April Nailbox Review

Hi everyone.

For anyone who has followed my blog, you will know I receive a monthly subscription from Nailbox.

When I first signed up each box looked so damn perfect. There was high-end brands like China Glaze or Nails Inc as well as mainstream brands like Rimmel, Elegant Touch and Essie. There was also always a really useful nail care tool like nail scissors or cuticle creams. I researched and asked around and so many of my Instagram friends had started accounts with them so I took the plunge and began a month to month subscription. It costs £15 per month which includes postage, which I was always amazed by, especially considering the brands included could sometimes cost £15 each!

Each month I would look forward to receiving my box to see my goodies and I always loved nearly everything in the box. Then around February 2016 I noticed a change in the products they were sending.

For me the introduction of a brand called Eye Candy heralded my loss of interest in the Nailbox brand. Eye Candy is a company I haven’t been able to find any information about. The only place I have ever seen it being sold is on Amazon. They have a small selection of colours and shades all selling for around £3. I have no issue with it being an unknown brand as sometimes the brands I haven’t heard of have become my favourites. However this polish has been watery and so hard to work with in previous months. My reviews have always said the same, it goes on like a cheap and nasty watery polish.

Then in March the Eye Candy brand appeared again and also they introduced another brand I have no knowledge of called Invogue. Sadly I instantly disliked this polish as it was an awful green colour. However I was willing to try the polish to test the formula. Sadly, I was once again disappointed. I hoped that the other products would be amazing to cover my disgust with the Eye Candy and Invogue polishes. Then I was even more disappointed to discover the only other polish in the box was an everday MoYou which was on sale at the time for £1.

Imagine my annoyance when I calculate the total of that box:

Elegant touch stick on nails (which I cant use) £5

Eye Candy polish: £3

Invogue polish: £3.32

MoYou polish: £1

Nails Inc Removal pot (which I don’t use) £8

Admittedly it is more than the £15 price tag, but nowhere near the July 2015 price tag of £35. It’s actually quite a huge drop in value!

So this month’s box was my decider as to whether I keep up my subscription or not. I was hopeful that I would be amazed as this month was their 1st birthday box.

Nailbox April 2016

On discovering the theme was black tie in honour of their first birthday I was so excited to see what they would include. I had visions of a solid striking black. Maybe a super sparkly glitter or accessory in homage to a fine champagne. Also thought maybe a little gift to say thanks for the year. However shock horror, minus the Ciate and Bourjois, we have the same old rubbish.

I imagine from the amount of Nail Apothecary base coats, treatments and accessories I have received, that Elegant Touch are the biggest donators to the Nailbox brand. You will either love the brand or find it useless. I love the cuticle remover from the July 2015 box but other than that all the products have been put into storage or given away as gifts.

Then we have ANOTHER cheap and nasty Invogue polish. Which I noticed is a dupe for another polish Nailbox have sent before.

So on first look I’m not pleased.

Here’s the swatches.

Nail Apothecary: Nail Quencher

This is 2 coats of the Nail Apothecary #05 Nail Quencher. It is a really nice base coat and I have kept it on to test it for longer. I don’t suffer from dry or brittle nails at the moment so this base coat isn’t really aimed at me, however I have heard great things about it from other people who have used it. It is normally on sale for £6.95 in Boots.

Next up we have Sugar Daddy from Invogue

Sugar Daddy

As I said before, this is a brand I know nothing about other than my previous experience with it in last months box. This is 2 coats no top coat. I will admit this polish is a really nice colour and this time round it sits much nicer on my nail. However, if you compare it to a previous Seche Vite polish that was in January 2016’s box, it’s a dupe. Sadly because its a dupe I wont be keeping it. This currently on sale on amazon for £2.80.

Next up there’s Bleu Asphalte, So Laque by Bourjois

Bleu Asphalte

Bourjois is a brand that I see all the time but have never tried. It’s your typical Boots or Superdrug staple. On first look this polish is gorgeous! It’s a deep and dusky grey that has blue tones. The bottle advertises it as Ultra Shine which as you can see from the photo is true. This is 2 coats with no top coat and seriously look at that shine! Plus the formula is spot on. I was also impressed with the length of the brush inside which made application super easy. It promises ultra hold and shine for up to 7 days which I didn’t get a chance to test, however I will be wearing this again! This is currently on sale in Boots for £5.99.

The final polish is Ciate, PP128 – London Baby

PP128 – London Baby

This is the one I was most excited to try. I’ve admired Ciate as a brand for ages and I haven’t yet managed to get my hands on one. At first glance this is beautiful. It’s a black multi glitter with teeny tiny black and grey glitters and larger holographic glitter. It doesn’t matter what angle you hold the bottle, you can see a rainbow of colour against the black background. I decided to use the sponge on technique to get a really thick coat. This is after 3 dabbing sessions. I haven’t applied topcoat so you can see it has a textured feel to it. I think with topcoat it would still be a little textured unless you really layered it on. In my opinion this one is great. I would happily wear it again, especially for an event or night out. This is currently on sale on the Ciate website for £9

Lastly we have the Elegant Touch nail stickers

Silver cuticle stickers over Sugar Daddy

I’m not sure about these. Being a person who loves to do my own nails I really enjoy creating bejewelled nail art. However there are occasions when I’m tired or ill and can’t be bothered with individual studs or gems. I really like that they are already sticky and in cuticle triangles but they are fiddly. Unless you have tweezers to hand these aren’t coming off the backing paper. Then when you lay them on the nail they don’t lay flat even though they are really sticky to the touch. It’s a little confusing. If these had been perfect I would have loved them but they aren’t so I’m not sold. I can’t find these anywhere to give you any other information but would assume that these are under £10.

So considering this box was my make or break decision as to whether I stay I’m unimpressed.

Final Thoughts

Considering this months box has a value of around £31 I should be impressed but I’m not. The appearance of Invogue in this box annoyed me, especially with it being a dupe from a previous shade. The Elegant touch products have had their moment and should disappear graciously rather than appearing every month. The Ciate polish was a stunner and I loved the Bourjois but too little too late for me. I wanted this box to be amazing. I was hoping for a little pizazz and wow factor but was left feeling glum. This was your 1st birthday Nailbox and you let me down!

So to finish the review I have now cancelled my subscription with Nailbox and don’t plan to return unless there are some huge changes.

I have had some interaction with the brand via emails and they are suggesting this months box is a huge improvement. I will await the big reveal and see if it is a real improvement. I personally think they had so many people cancel their subscriptions that they rushed out and begged the high end brands to help out again.

Too little, too late Nailbox.

So this is my last review of Nailbox, BUT keep your eyes peeled for my review of the Meebox for this month. Sneak peek, its a game changer!

Thanks for reading!

Kat x






6 thoughts on “April Nailbox Review”

  1. Very interesting read. I also know the disappointment of opening these subscription boxes and feeling let down by the contents. I feel like I’ve seen Invogue polishes in Poundland or maybe Lidl before, somewhere you wouldn’t immediately link with class. That being said, if they had included one that was not a dupe of a previous months colour, it may have been better for them!
    I look forward to seeing what they also bring out next month, fingers crossed its better. For now you can save your money and buy polishes you love.
    Vicky xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I cancelled my subscription ages ago too, I realised quite early on that I just don’t like letting someone else choose polish for me! Plus one of their greens stained my nails so badly that I had to let it grow out, took about 6 months, I was well miffed!!

    Liked by 1 person

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