Danglefoot Live Colourfully Collection

Hi all.

I have been an avid lover of Danglefoot Nail Polish for a while now. Every time Hayley releases another collection I cant stop myself from buying it. Basically I have a problem. I shall hence forth refer to this addiction as Dangle disease!

When Hayley announced the neon collection, right fully named the Live Colourfully collection, I knew they would be the perfect shades for summer. Then of course I had to buy them!


As with all of Hayley’s Danglefoot creations the formula is perfect. Smooth and simple to apply. And unlike some neon colours these don’t need a white base. All opaque in 3 coats or less and shiny without top coats.

Here’s the swatches


Straight away I love how bright they are. Even in the bottles they are eye catching. These are going to be my most used shades of the summer!

Spike The Punch
Make An Entrance
Steal A Kiss
Ditch The Diet
Break The Rules
Dress To Impress
Dance All Night


Seeing how well they paint onto the nails I decide to give the dangerous and stupidly hard watermarble technique a go. This technique requires skill, patience and a huge amount of luck! It is the process of dropping nail polish into a cup of room temperature water and creating a pattern to then press your nails against. I have tried and failed so many times before so I’m speechless when this happens!


I know its not a perfect watermarble. I managed to catch the polish on itself as I pulled out of the cup but even still they are amazing!

So for anyone looking for bright, bold and reasonably priced neon’s this summer, go check out Danglefoot Polish on Etsy. They come in two sizes and also are available in a flakie version which are glittery.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


To purchase any of these polish please use the link below





4 thoughts on “Danglefoot Live Colourfully Collection”

  1. Great post and all the colours suit you. I bought the flakies and I’m so looking forward to using them all!
    I too suffer from danglie disease, I feel there is no cure either 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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