Jamberry Nail Wrap 7 day Review

Hi all.

When I started doing nail art around 2 years ago I had very little knowledge of the products that were available. Especially anything that wasn’t UK based. Then a few ladies from the US of A mentioned a product that intrigued me but wasn’t yet available in the UK.

This product was Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Jamberry logo

A product created by 3 sisters who found it tiresome and expensive having their nails done professionally in the salons; so created a sticker/wrap system for nails to allow beautiful detailed manicures and pedicures for everyone. They wanted a simple and functional system that just requires heat and some time for a lovely personalised design. The business grew in leaps and bounds until finally it was decided they would extend the company to the UK. The official launch date of Jamberry UK was April 5th 2016. The company works like many catalogue based companies like Avon and Kleeneze. The company runs on the internet and then all over the country women and men have signed up to become a representative of the brand. The main job is to positively advertise the brand and sell to their local areas.

Ellie Harris, Jamberry Independent Consultant, has been a friend of mine for years, and with the power of Facebook she advertised the brand to me and asked me to test and review the products.

This is my review of Jamberry Nail Wraps

So to rouse interest in the brand Jamberry came up with the 7 day tester wrap. The idea is to wear it on one or 2 fingers with your favourite polish for 7 days to see which ones last the longest. They guarantee if applied correctly you can wear these for 2 weeks on your hands and up to 4 weeks on your toes. Normally however when you purchase a design from Jamberry they will give you enough wraps for a whole manicure and pedicure for the price of £15.

Image Credit to Kelly O. Johnson

For my review I asked for a tester in the Tiki Hut style.

tiki hut

The product arrives in a small pouch with the information sheet, a wooden orange stick, a small emery board and the wrap itself.

The process is completely different to any other sticker/wrap I’ve ever used as this system requires heat to activate the glue, which does put me off a little, however I used my hairdryer as suggested in the 1-2-3 application method and here is the result.


On my ring finger is the Tiki Hut wrap and on my other nails I’m wearing a stunning blue neon creme from Danglefoot Polish called Dress To Impress. Also, even though it isn’t part of the 1-2-3 application method I have topped them all with Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl topcoat to avoid any catches or rips.

On first application the wraps don’t perfectly fit my nails as I would have liked them too. I tend to have this problem with any wraps or stickers for nails as my nails are curved at the tips and wide and the cuticle. I prefer my whole nail to be covered so for me this is a little annoying.

Day 1

The design on the wrap is actually quite lovely. I’m impressed with the tiny details in the wrap which you probably wouldn’t achieve by hand. So although they aren’t a perfect fit, I actually like them.

Day 2

On Day 2 I notice a slight shrinkage at the tip of my nail on both hands. Its not enough for a passer by to see but it is really annoying for me. I hate when nail polish has shrinkage so I’m not pleased the wrap has some. Also if you look closely on my left hand the wrap has a tiny crease on the right hand side near the skin. As you can see in the other pictures I applied the wrap flat so I’m unsure as to how it has wrinkled.

Day 3

On Day 3 the side of the wrap has started to lift and I’ve had yet more shrinkage around the sides. The wrap itself is intact and still wearable but the lifted edge wont stay down with pressure applied. After a quick chat with Ellie she advises to try to reseal them with a quick blast of heat and some pressure. I follow these instructions and manage to get the edge to seal back down, however I still have the shrinkage so the wraps are now looking much too small for my nails. To try and help seal the wrap again I apply another coat of topcoat.

Day 4

On Day 4 the wrap has lifted at the same point it had before I resealed it and I’ve also had some lifting at the cuticle. The wrap is beginning to feel very loose around the edges on both nails and I’m unsure how much longer they will last. To try and save them I perform the heated reseal method as Ellie suggested on Day 3.

In the shower on the evening of Day 4 the wrap on my right hand is completely ripped off whilst I wash my hair. When I wake up on Day 5 the left hand wrap has ripped off in my bed as well.

In all honesty I’m really disappointed.

The wraps are a great idea for anyone who loves pretty and detailed nail art but doesn’t have the time or skill to do it themselves. As an avid nail artist I pride myself on having beautiful nails at all times and I enjoy changing them and mixing them as often as I like. This system could be the answer to someone’s nail art prayers but for me it hasn’t worked and I’m unhappy with the results.

For £15 I was hoping for a long lasting way of creating nail designs. Instead I found it to be a messy and time consuming product. The whole description of the product explains in detail how the creators wanted a quick and easy option compared to the expensive salon process. However I find this to be more stressful than anytime I’ve ever attended a nail salon.

When I paint my nails I look for long lasting polish that wont shrink, chip or wear for as long as possible. Even though I love to change my nails I have on occasion worn polish for 10 days with no damage. This product promises a better service and yet I feel it doesn’t even come close to some of the cheaper nail polishes I own.

Also as far as cost of the product I feel £15 is a little too expensive. When companies like Born Pretty Store can sell full sets of nail wraps for less than $5 with better results than these, it seems off. Even for someone like me who loves nail polish and nail products I find £15 far too much for one manicure and pedicure. Putting it into a comparison, I could buy one bottle of OPI or China Glaze for around £15 and get endless manicures, pedicures and nail art designs out of one bottle. For £15, I got 4 days of flappy and poorly shaped wraps which ultimately fell off.

Needless to say I wont be buying the product for myself.

During this process I had a running conversation with Ellie and she has suggested that they may have been slightly damaged if they were held under intense heat. I cant think of a time that this could have happened however I do have a hot shower or bath everyday, I wash my hair every other day, will use a hairdryer for bursts of 5 minutes and do all your average cooking and cleaning any young mother would. Ellie assured me that these wraps should be able to withstand this everyday process so I’m still unsure why these ones didn’t work.

To her credit, Ellie has offered me a full sheet of wraps to try out at a later date to see whether I have different results.


If the product had lasted the 7 days it suggests I would be a lot more willing to part with £15 for a full sheet. Personally, I wont be buying them anytime soon. I enjoy doing my nails myself and love creating designs so these wraps aren’t for me. However for those of you who want lovely nails which you can apply yourself in minutes these may be perfect for you. I would suggest maybe using them for a specific event rather than long periods. They come in so many patterns and colours that all tastes are catered for. Big and bold or subtle French tips, they have it.

nail wraps

Lastly I want to thank Ellie for her support and advice. She is clearly passionate about what she does and I pass no blame for the products failure on to her. I just feel the Jamberry wraps may not be worth the £15 price tag.

Thank you all for reading this long!

You clearly had nothing better to do today 🙂

Kat x


To reach Ellie for any Jamberry enquiries please use the link below:









5 thoughts on “Jamberry Nail Wrap 7 day Review”

  1. This is such a well written and honest review, thank you for that. I’ve seen posts on Instagram where others have shared their experience and been absolutely ripped to shreds & been accused of deliberately damaging them.
    Like yourself I love a new product, but unlike yourself I lack the creativity to create my own nail art so was hoping these would be ideal. After seeing some of the incendiary comments on Instagram I think I’ll give them a miss.
    Another fantastic, well written and informative post thank you!

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