Barry M Coconut Collection Review

Hi Everyone.

Barry M recently debuted a new nail polish collection focusing the formula around the health benefits of coconut.

Coconut based product have become the new fad thing and I was a little suspicious about it being just a selling point. I did some research and I found this quote about coconut products.

Coconut oil has a multitude of health benefits, which include but are not limited to skin care, hair care, improving digestion and immunity against a host of infections and diseases. The oil is used not just in tropical countries, where coconut plantations are abundant, but also in the US and the UK. People are discovering the wonders this oil can create and it is again gaining popularity throughout the world.

Quote taken from http://www.organicfacts.net

So far so good. Then by a stroke of luck Superdrug did an amazing offer where the sold the whole collection for £25.

£25?! That’s right, 9 polishes for £25!

So of course I bought the whole set!


At first glance I adore the bright colours. They are exactly what you need to cheer up a dreary April morning. Then there is 4 shades of nude ranging from almost white to a milky brown. The whole set looks so great I couldn’t wait to try them out.

As always with any Barry M products the formula is amazing. They are just thick enough for almost all of them to be one coaters. And I’m almost positive the formula has a slight coconut scent to it!

I went straight to the bright colours and I wasn’t disappointed. They are bright, shiny and beautiful!

These 5 beauties are flawless. I cant say enough how much I love the formula! The bottle is the normal Barry M shape and the brush inside is their new fan shape, which makes one coat application so much more achievable. Even the most unsteady of hands can paint these on without much need for clean up. The colours are fresh and vibrant and super shiny even without top coat. I wore each of these shades for 3 days and I didn’t have any chips at all. That’s the sign of an amazing polish!

I am so glad I bought these!

Now onto the Nudes.

I have spent a long time searching for the perfect nude for my skin tone and I believe I may have found it!

I found the 2 lighter shades (Skinny Dip and Starfish) a little too light for my tone, and then the darkest shade (Tiki Hut) is a tad too dark but then I try out Sun kissed and I am in love. Just dark enough to make my skin look a little tanned even though I haven’t seen sun for a while! Its warm and light at the same time. Another perfect formula of course. I love this shade so much I’m still wearing it now.

Thank you Barry M for making the most awesome collection and my new favourite nude.

So there it is.

My review of the new Barry M coconut collection.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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