March Nailbox Swatch and Review

Hi Everyone,

So for this month’s Nailbox the theme was Spring. To me it was a great theme choice and I was hoping for beautiful pastels, fresh bright colours or Easter related goodies. What I received was nothing like that. To say I was disappointed is an under statement.


From left to right we have:

Elegant Touch Speckled Eggs stick on nails

Unnamed MoYou Nail Polish

Invogue Matte Suede Effect in Emerald Dust

Eye Candy in Naughty But Nice

Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover pot

So at first glance, the products don’t appeal to me at all. I wont use the stick on nails as they are far too small for my nails. I was bought the Nails Inc Polish Remover pot as part of a gift set this Christmas and I’m not a huge fan. Then there’s 3 polishes. Yet another Eye Candy polish, which is a brand I have never heard of and cant find anywhere. Invogue, another brand I haven’t heard of and its GREEN! My least favourite colour. And finally the MoYou polish, currently on sale for £1.

How this all adds up to £15 (the price of a month to month subscription with Nailbox.uk) I don’t know!

However I have found that even some of the cheapest polish can look quite nice on, so decided to swatch and see.

First up we have the unnamed MoYou polish,


I couldn’t help but notice a slight similarity between this shade and Flowerista by Essie; which was part of last months 70’s box. This polish has a more cerise pink feel to it whilst Flowerista was more purple. As previously said above this polish was on sale for £1 when I received my box. It isn’t one of their stamping polishes so just paints on as normal. It took 2 coats for full opacity. The formula itself was great and it did paint on really well. It didn’t take too long for it to be all dry either. The colour is also really lovely too.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. I would happily buy this again for £1!

Next up we have Emerald Dust in Matt Suede effect by Invogue


So its green.

Again with the green Nailbox?

So at first glance its a lime green with shimmer in and I don’t like it. I noticed as soon as I opened the box that the formula seems to have separated and there is an oily layer in the top of the bottle. I know this can happen with some polishes when they have been stood unused for too long. Deciding I would try and salvage it I shook it, vigorously, for about 5 minutes. I was still left with this oily layer at the top.

See the colour difference?

I gave up on shaking it and decided to just swatch it anyway.

So it took 3 coats for opacity. As usual with matte polish it dried reasonably quickly and I was able to paint each coat on without much of a wait in between. It dries matte with a textured feel, which I actually liked. The shimmer inside adds a different angle to the polish which didn’t hugely improve my love for it but it lessened my dislike for it! The formula wasn’t bad and worked as well as some of the retail brands I own like Rimmel London or Revlon. It’s just the damn colour! I dislike green on my nails anyway so this was never going to be a favourite.

Overall I wouldn’t buy this again (if I even knew where to buy it from!) Its not a colour I like personally and even though the formula was ok, I wouldn’t purchase it myself.

Next up we have Eye Candy in Naughty But Nice,


So finally we have a pastel shade, which is what I’d hoped for. Sadly the polish doesn’t live up to my expectations. The formula is extremely watery and I struggled to keep it on my nails. Being a pastel shade I expected to need 3 to 4 coats for opacity so wasn’t shocked when it was 3. The colour is really quite nice however what with the recent Easter celebrations and Spring season most companies; either retail or indie have made a range of pastels. Barry M recently debuted a Coconut Collection and they have this exact same shade. So although I liked the colour, if it came to the crunch I would always go for the Barry M as I know the formula will be amazing.

Would I buy this again? Honestly, no. I don’t know where to find this brand. Even after a google search I still cant find anywhere to compare normal retail price or stockists. The formula was watery and very hard to work with. It wont be staying in my collection!

Finally we have the Nails Inc Remover Pot and the Elegant Touch stick on nails.

I wont be using the stick on nails as I would have to file off all my nail to make it fit. They may be great for the girls who love short nails but for me not so much. The design on the nails was quite cute so I will be gifting them to my younger sister when I next see her.

The Elegant Touch Remover Pot is a dupe for me. I already have it so wont need another one. As far as the product, I found it worked well on normal polishes but anything a little stubborn like glitters or textured polish; it wouldn’t properly remove. It is a great idea for anyone who likes a quick and easy method of removal but I found the sponge inside the pot started to disintegrate and I would have tiny fibres on my nails when I pulled them out. Not exactly what you want when your waiting to re paint them.

Would I purchase these again? No. I cant use the stick on nails and I don’t really like the Nails Inc remover pot.

So, this months box was a bit of a wash out for me.

I remembered when I got my first box and I had 2 high end brands in there, sweets and some other nail care items. I sat thinking ‘How on earth have I got all this for £15?’ I was incredibly impressed and spent most months waiting in anticipation to see what goodies I would get this month. I don’t have that reaction anymore. I open the box expecting things I don’t like and that don’t have the value of the subscription.

April’s box will be the decider as to whether I stay with Nailbox or not. I am thoroughly disappointed so don’t have high hopes.

However I have just become a subscriber to Meebox! I’ve heard amazing things about their boxes and cannot wait to see this months. It’s based around weddings and attending them so I’m hoping for a beautiful white or ivory. Fingers crossed!

So that’s it.

My long and HONEST ramblings about this months Nailbox.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x




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