When Colours Collide Challenge: Black, White and Blue

Hi Everyone.

So the theme for the When Colours Collide challenge this time round was Black, White and Blue. As per usual it is a really great colour combination and I had so many ideas. Then for a family day out we took my son to Whipsnade Zoo.

Its just opened this beautiful butterfly exhibit where they fly freely and you can sit and just enjoy their presence. I’ve always loved butterflies so it was really lovely to see them, and I even had one land on me whilst in there!

Whilst I was sat there a beautiful iridescent blue butterfly floated around and BAM I knew that’s the design I wanted to do.

To create this design I started with a diagonal gradient base using 4 blue polishes.

Starting with Navy at the right bottom corner, I then used Blue Grape, Artic Waters and Blueberry. I didn’t need a base polish as the Barry M’s are made from an amazing formula. It only took 3 dabbing session with the sponge to get a perfect blend.

To give it a hint of the iridescent colour the butterfly had I topped the gradient with Barry M’s Diamond Glitter. This photo doesn’t do justice to how sparkly it is. It catches the light and makes anything underneath it look even more beautiful!

Barry M Diamond Glitter
Once this had all dried off I used my Barry M nail art pens to create the butterfly wing tip. For anyone who isn’t experienced in nail art these beauties are the way to start. They look like your average felt tip. They are really easy to use so for a simple design they are great. You can get them in 4 shades. White, black, silver and pink. For this design I used black and white.



Once they had all dried I topped it all with my favourite top coat from Glisten and Glow.

HK Girl Top Coat
And that’s it!

Personally I would say this is an intermediate design. It requires a basic knowledge of gradients and blending colours to create the base, and also a really steady hand to create the wing tips.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x




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