Glamour Beauty Festival Nail Polish Goodies

Hi Everyone.

So for anyone who read my earlier blog post about the Glamour Beauty Festival will know I received some nail products in my goodie bag.


As promised I have swatched and reviewed those pretties!

So to start we have Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener base coat treatment.

Its normally sold for around £5 in most Boots or Superdrug stores. It promises to harden nails and smooth out ridges. It suggests 2-3 coats under polish to help keep the nail healthy and strong. I applied 3 coats as the base for another polish.

3 coats shown in picture

Each layer went on really well as the formula is more water based than normal polish would be. I noticed that the treatment did dry really quickly and by the time I had applied one coat to all my nails the first nail was ready for another coat which saves waiting around. I currently have it on as the base coat for my manicure and it seems to be holding together pretty well. As far as the treatment working, I don’t have any ridge marks showing through on my nails and they feel quite firm even after being in water a lot.

Would I buy this in the future? Yes, definitely. For the cost of the polish I do feel my nails are stronger and the ridges look much better.

Next up we have Illamasqua in Pink Raindrops

2 coats of Pink Raindrops

Somehow even after almost 2 years of being in the nail community I had never heard of Illamasqua before. I asked around and a friend mentioned she had a few of their products so was quite intrigued to use it. At the moment I can’t find this shade on the Illamasqua website but there are other polishes on there for around £14 so its quite a pricey brand.

Just looking at the bottle it is a soft shimmery nude colour but once I had a play with it I noticed there were little bits of silver glitter in the formula too. If applied just right this could be the perfect sheer one coater but I wanted a more solid colour so I applied 2 coats. Once applied the polish is shimmery and actually quite pretty. I didn’t add a topcoat either so on its own its quite shiny. It is a lovely neutral shade and for a more classic nail this is the perfect colour.

Would I buy this in the future? In all honesty, no. I have shades that are extremely similar but that are over half the price. It is a great polish and a lovely colour but I wouldn’t pay £14 for it.

Next up we have OPI in Elephantastic Pink.

Shown here is 2 coats

Ok before we start, LOOK at that shine! Normally this one sells for anything from £8 to £15.

This is 2 coats with no top coat. So even on its own this one is so shiny. I didn’t need 2 coats either. It was a really solid one coater, I just wanted to get the perfect cuticle line so added another coat. The formula is creamy and smooth and applies like a dream. The colour is a very popular shade which I have in a few other brands but nowadays there aren’t many colours you cant get.

Would I buy this in the future? Probably not but it depends on the price. I love this polish and its a good size bottle so would be well worth the higher price than most brands but I personally don’t like buying polish over £10. Considering I have a few duplicate shades which are from a much cheaper source I wouldn’t need to purchase it either. However, for the higher spending nail ladies, this pink is beautiful and you should give it a try.

Lastly we have Rimmel London Love Glitter Top Coat in All Glittered Up.

Shown over OPI Elephantastic Pink

This product is currently available in Boots for £3.99. Its the average price you would expect to pay for any Rimmel London nail polish.

Normally being a top coat polish you would add it over another shade to create a scattered glitter effect. To test whether or not this would work as a full coverage polish I used the sponge on method to do my middle nail as shown in the picture above.

I found painting it on left a well placed scattered glitter and without much effort I managed to get all the nail covered. The middle nail required 3 good dabbing sessions with the sponge to get full coverage, and you can, in certain places still see the base polish coming through. Personally I don’t like the full coverage look for this one. It feels sharp and as though it would catch constantly, even with top coat. I quite like the scattered look though. A simple way to add some sparkle to your favourite polish.

Would I buy this in the future? Seeing as how well it worked when I painted it on and the fact that there are different shades available, I probably would buy this again. I’m currently uming and ahing as to whether I need the other shades in the range to fully decide!

love glitter1
Image Credit: pinterest


So overall I feel the nail goodies were pretty great. Considering my ticket to the event cost around £50, in just nail goodies I received around £28 of free products. That is a great bargain as far as I’m concerned. Plus I got to try Illamasqua, a brand I wouldn’t have known existed before.

Thank you for reading!

Kat x


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