Danglefoot Chocolate & Lime Cuticle Oil

Hi Everyone.

So in January I purchased a huge haul of polish from Hayley over at Danglefoot Polish and with that haul I received a delicious smelling cuticle oil.

Chocolate and Lime Cuticle Oil
On opening the tube it is contained in you are instantly overwhelmed with the sweet smell of chocolate and lime. Which, when put together, is my all time favourite boiled sweet!


Its one of those things my nan used to feed me on long car journeys to our caravan in Harwich. Sweet and gooey chocolate on the inside of a lime flavoured boiled sweet. Sounds awful. Tastes amazing.

So for me the scent of this oil was not only delicious but extremely nostalgic!

The applicator inside the tube is what you would normally expect to see inside a lip gloss tube. The small pad picks up the oil really well and being a lip gloss tube, the rim of the tube has a suction effect to reduce the amount that leaves the bottle. I have found that just pulling the applicator out of the tube leaves me with exactly enough oil left to do all of my cuticles.


I try to never overload on oil, just little strokes where I think it needs it and then I spend some time rubbing it in. If after a minute or so I’m still greasy as hell then it goes in the bin. This however was absorbed within a minute. No oily pools of gunge from this bad boy!

Once it has been rubbed in the scent doesn’t disappear into the mists either. My husband has asked me what the nice smell coming from my nails is, almost 4 hours after application! Pure chocolatey lime goodness guaranteed!


DOES IT WORK THOUGH? I hear you ask. Well whenever I notice my cuticles look a little raggedy or dry I dab some on. I’ve averaged using it once a day mostly but will use it again if I need to or if I’m taking a photograph of any nail art I may have done.

In my opinion it does work. I love how soft and hydrated my skin looks after using it. I have found that because I’m using this I don’t have to use my hand lotion as much. It is super easy to carry around in a handbag on the go so I have no excuse to let my cuticles look a mess (although sometimes I do!) during the days I’m out and about. Plus it smells divine so its almost like wearing perfume on your nails (that should so be a real thing!) and I have had so many compliments on the scent.

Overall, I would buy this again. In a heart beat in fact. Here’s hoping when this one runs out, which will be ages from now, Hayley will ship in bulk!

At this moment there aren’t any oils available in Hayley’s Etsy shop but keep a close eye as she is planning to restock this oil along with a selection of other scents soon. The other scents available will be:


Cedar wood and Lime

Sweet pea and Apple

Sweet orange

Wild currant 


To purchase any of these beauties please use the link below to get to Danglefoot Polish on Etsy.


Thanks for reading!

Kat x


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