When Colours Collide Challenge: Teal and Gold

Hi Everyone.

So for the last few weeks I’ve taken part in the When Colours Collide challenge. This time the colours selected were Teal and Gold. Its an amazing combination and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

I’ve seen lots of different designs all featured around stones and marble and I’ve wanted to do a turquoise stone design for ages.

So here it is, using teal and gold to create a turquoise design.


To create this design I used Barry M Green Berry as the base. It took one coat to get a perfect base. Its a definite one coater!

Once my base had dried I then used a few drops of Barry M Foil Effects in Gold and OPI in Lady In Black to create the veins of the stone.

To do this I placed a few drops of each polish into a cup of water so it would spread into a small circle and before it had dried I sprayed a little hairspray into it. The alcohol in the hairspray causes the polish in the water to separate and make a stringy bubble effect. I then placed my finger into the cup to attach the design onto the nail.

Bottle Shot of OPI Lady In Black
Bottle Shot of Barry M Foil Effects Gold


Once I had the design I wanted on each nail I topped it all off with Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl Quick Dry Topcoat.

The design on its own was beautiful but I added some studs to make it look more like a piece of turquoise jewellery.

The studs are both from Born Pretty Store. They came in one charm wheel which I think was about $2.99 when I bought it (around £1.50!)

In my personal opinion I love this design.

Its incredibly detailed and intricate looking but wasn’t that hard to create. I would say to recreate the look you would need a little experience with the water marble technique, which you can find loads of how to video’s on YouTube for.

Once the designs are all finished for the challenge the admins create a collage to show everyone’s work.

Can’t find my design? Bottom Left corner!


As always there were some amazing designs from some very talented ladies!

For people who might want to join in with future challenges please check out When Colours Collide on Instagram or Facebook.


So that’s it.

My Teal and Gold turquoise design.

Thanks for reading!

Kat x




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